At 1.17lbs, it is one of the most lightweight mops on this list. It is made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. The versatile mop can be used on a variety of hard floors, including tiles, laminated surface, concrete, hardwood and stone. The Real Clean microfiber mop is also very useful for cleaning houses that have open spaces, as it will cut down greatly on time spent cleaning. Regular dirt or liquid spills, the super absorber microfibre cloths quickly clean them. A telescoping handle goes from 29 to 61 inches. As a dry mop, the unit received rave reviews, with many touting its efficiency as compared to regular brooms, since the latter simply moves debris around. Microfibre mops give you hygienic cleaning and dry faster for the next use. Buy on Amazon. The mop heads do not look like they can absorb a lot of dirt, however, and will likely need to be placed into the washing machine after only a couple of uses. For taller individuals, go for units that are extendable to a greater height. With microfiber mops, it doesn’t have to be. Second, although the handle is made of stainless steel, the mop itself appears flimsy. It is best suited for hardwood floors.

With its swivelling cleaning head, you can easily access the corners, edges, and under the furniture for a thorough cleaning. Spend less time cleaning and dusting with O-Cedar’s ProMist Max, a compact unit suitable for home or small offices.

Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Buy on Amazon. At 2.4lbs it is also considerably lightweight, and includes a loop at the end of the handle for hanging. To attach pads to the mop head, the device uses a Velcro bottom with a strong grip. The handle of this professional mop is made of stainless steel and is adjustable between 4 to 6 feet. EASIER TO USE THAN THE COMPETITION - Our patented mop plates make rinsing the mop head easier than any other mop on the market.

The best thing about the Mopnado spin mop is that everything is easy to take apart. The pad features thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles, and can be used dry for picking up hair and fur. The base itself measures 18 x 5 inches and offers plenty of swivel to reach tight corners. Also by O-Cedar, this microfiber unit is basic but does a decent job for its intended usage. The fine mist provides just enough moisture to clean floors without damaging wooden floors, and the spray covers the full width of the mop head. The mop heads can go into a washing machine easily, and soap dispenser is easy to empty and refill. Unlike regular mops, microfibres never leave streaks behind. It is versatile and can even be used for applying wax, although the pads should be washed immediately after to avoid damaging the fine microfibers. Compared to regular sponge or cloth mops, microfiber mops are more effective at picking up dirt and grime, and are therefore the preferred choice for use in schools, cafeterias and even hospitals. It works well with laminate, tile and hardwood floors. The Foxtage’s design is well put together, sporting a durable aluminium alloy handle topped with a button to trigger a spray of mist from the detachable bottle at the bottom.

Again, this will make things difficult when cleaning an area that is crowded because of the room that is necessary to turn. Even its cleaning cloths cannot be washed and reused. A first pass with the dust pad will help you clear the floor from hair, dust and whatever else would stop the mop from a smooth pass. Pick up dust and pet hair or remove scuff marks and stuck on debris with just one mop. A mop can be used for sweeping a large area while Swiffer sweepers are meant to take care of small messes. The pads are safe and effective for all hardwood floors, as well as ceramic tiles, travertine marble and saltillo tiles. Spray container of the mop is leakproof, and also has a turdy tube sturdy. The mop includes three replacement microfiber pads. Due to its moisture control feature, the mop is ideal for wooden and laminated surfaces. The SWOPT dual action Microfibre Dust Mop picks up pet hair, dust, and dirt from your tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Wash pads or cloth with warm water and soft detergent. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. As we discussed, there are three different types of floor maps available in the market. With all of this being said, there are a couple of things to watch out for. The mop works well with wood or tile floors. There are two mop sizes available, namely the 11” and 17” . Buy on Amazon. These floor mops give a shiny finish to the levels in no time. It comes with microfibers as well as dust mops so it is effective for dust cleaning as well as wet cleaning, which is common in most microfiber mops. It reduces the risk of injury. Wiping pads are attached to the bottom using a sturdy Velcro strip. But it is still big enough to do anything that a traditional mop can do when it comes to cleaning large areas. Looking for an easy and fast way to sweep your office or house? The Mr. Siga comes with a three-month warranty against manufacturing defects. This eliminates the hassle of removing the mop head and wringing it dry by hand. Then, use the wet pads for a deeper clean. Interested to know more about microfiber mops? A little effort will give you mind boggling results. bottle that you can refill with your cleaning solution; Remove stubborn spots with its non-scratch scrubber; Wash and reuse these microfibre padsused. Also, instructions on how to extend it is unclear, leaving many users frustrated. Whether it is hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, cement, or a stone floor, this mop wipes them clean with relative ease. The Linkyo microfiber mop is extremely versatile and able to do all kinds of cleaning. Telescopic handle of the microfibre dust mop swivels up to 60 degrees, which is not celebrated like our previous contenders. … It’s quite easy to clean your floor with the AmazonBasics Microfiber Dust Mop Frame six-pack set consisting of six telescoping handles that connect to six rectangular frames for holding microfibre mop pads. Standard microfiber cleaning instructions apply: wash separately from other fabrics, and avoid fabric softener. The unit features a telescoping hard plastic handle, although there have been numerous complaints with it which boils down to poor design. Overall, this mop is efficient and at the same time durable as well. It is therefore best used to mop up light spills or for day-to-day cleaning. We have taken these products in order to match everyone’s needs and budget.

While the device that spins and wrings out the mop head does seem promising, users of the Mopnado spin mop have reported that it has a high risk of breaking.

For a reliable microfibre mop that cleans better than other mops on the market, trust the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop. To adjust, pull the handle to the desired height and twist the dark grey locking mechanism on the middle to tighten into position. Real Clean 36 inch Commercial Microfiber Mop Kit Kit Includes: (2) 36" Blue Microfiber Wet Mop Pad, (1) 36" Green Fringe Microfiber Dust Mop Pad, (1) 70" Durable and Lightweight Telescopic Aluminum Handle, (1) Heavy Duty Aluminum Mop Frame and 2...Removes 99% of germs and bacteria on floors and walls.

The material is gentle enough for use on a variety of surfaces, be it tile, hardwood or laminate floors. The O-Cedar Dual Action Dust Mop is one of the best around for dry mopping, hundreds of enthusiastic users say. You will see that it gets attached to the pad. However, the same cannot be said of the plastic ball-joint that connects the handle to the mop head, as it is prone to coming undone, especially with vigorous mopping. The Real Clean is able to swivel 360 degrees but lacks a locking latch to move it back and forth, so it can be difficult to control at turns, narrow aisles or hallways. Users can detach the mop pads to wipe down windows, or attach them to the handle to reach up to ceilings and corners of the room. Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Mop, 15. To prevent this, apply a slow-going motion and avoid a back and forth mopping rhythm. Basic but versatile, the LINKYO is a good option to consider for all your cleaning needs. You can use the same mop to clean dry and wet waste. Address: 57 East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3EZ, United Kingdom. Anything that can extend has a possibility of breaking in certain areas that may cause permanent damage to the handle, taking away its ability to extend. Unlike the Temples Pride model, which can be locked to move back and forth, the Allzone lacks this feature.

It comes with three reusable pads, two of which are reversible this way. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on harmful cleaning chemicals when there is an option to keep your home clean with the help of microfiber mop? Not only does it work well on wood floor, but it also does wonders on tile and other types of floors. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Note that the pads might shrink in size after being put in the washer several times. The triangular base of the O-Cedar spin mop allows users to get into corners well and that allows for very diverse cleaning. However, as the set only includes one microfiber pad, additional pads are recommended for purchase to act as a backup when one is drying or in the wash. Buy on Amazon. Such a process of assigning a pad with the primary unit is different but fast and durable. The mop works well with tile floors and hardwood surfaces. There is another container to hold a cleaning solution. So, using the included extension piece, the length can either 117 cm or 153 cm.

The ready to use Spray mop from Vileda is a suitable cleaning solution for hard floors. Even if it has a long handle, you will have to pick the mop while moving it for storage. The company claims that the microfiber pads are able to hold up for up to three years when washed with hydrogen peroxide and concentrated bleach in a commercial setting. While it is able to extend from 32 inches up to 56 inches, the length is still too short to be used comfortably by tall people. At this price, you'll find flat and round mops with varying types of attachment features. If you have a mop with a spray container, then yes you can purchase a chemical cleaner. You will be immediately impressed with the 48” professional microfiber floor mop.

MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop; 7. BMOSTE Microfibre Water Spraying Floor Cleaning Tool, 13. The bottle dispenses cleaning solution as you mop, by simply pressing a button on the top of the handle. Unlike rectangular pads, circular mops need to be wrung thoroughly to get rid of extra moisture that can damage wooden floors. You can choose the rod length depending upon your height because the rod has four removable parts. Such pads are eco-friendly because they can be reused for several times. The pad is machine washable and made to be laundered hundreds of times. Mayshine Professional Flat Floor Mop; 3. Buy on Amazon. Spin mops are becoming a popular cleaning device in the household. The top of the handle features a small hook hole. There are little to no cons to the mop, other than a minor issue with the locking clip, which has a tendency to unlock and flip when too much force is applied. The pad attaches to the bottom of the mop via Velcro strips sewn into the inside edges. The best solution will be to buy microfiber mops that can go a long way. The Mr.Siga delivers when it comes to sturdiness and build, with a tough stainless steel handle that extends from 36 to 59 inches. If you were yearning to buy the best microfiber mops then go ahead and purchase any of the three and we are sure that the feedback will be positive. Included pads are made of high-quality material and can be machine washed when over soiled. If the surface is not truly flat, the mop does not contact well. The handle is connected to the bottom with a bonding mechanism, with four black holes to strap the pad in, rather than Velcro strips.

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