Whether you are working on a firefighter, fire trucks, or community helper unit with your class of preschoolers, or you simply have a child who loves fire trucks and dreams of being a fireman one day, these firefighter and fire truck songs and fingerplays are sure to be popular with your group of kids.

Back to bed all in a row. (hold up a hand with fingers flat across palm) Shhhh! (Point to teeth.). ), The Wheels on the Fire Truck(Tune: The Wheels on the Bus), The wheels on the firetruck go round and roundRound and roundRound and roundThe wheels on the firetruck go round and round, all through the town, The engine on the truck goes vroom, vroom, vroomVroom, vroom, vroomVroom, vroom, vroomThe engine on the truck goes vroom, vroom, vroom, all through the town, The siren on the truck goes whoo, whoo, whooWhoo whoo, whoo, whooThe siren on the truck goes whoo, whoo, whoo, all through the town, The seatbelts on the truck go click, click,Click, click, clickClick, click, clickThe seatbelts on the bus goes click, click, click, all through the town, The ladder on the truck goes up and downUp and downUp and downThe ladder on the truck goes up and down, all through the town, The dog on the truck goes woof, woof, woofWoof, woof, woofWoof, woof, woofThe dog on the truck goes woof, woof, woof, all through the town, The hose on the truck goes spray, spray, spraySpray, spray, spraySpray, spray, sprayThe hose on the truck goes spray, spray, spray, all through the town, The people on the truck go "We'll help out""We'll help out, We'll help out"The people on the truck go "we'll help out", all through the town, Stop, Drop, and Roll! Work alone, This firefighter slides down the pole.

Where many things are sold. (Imitate brushing teeth.)

(With mouth cupped, shout this.) goes the water from the fire hose spout. Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be a Plumber? The Firemen fight the fire Hey! Some people take the garbage And empty every can. Original Author Unknown Swish went the water from the fire-hose spout When he works down at the pool. Because they might have to put out a fire. Just climb aboard and turn me on. What's the job that you will choose? To the hospital, to the hospital,

Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be a Plumber?

Every family can. Sung to: "Engine, Engine #9" Five brave firefighters, (hold up five fingers) (Point to self.) Five police officers, standing by the store, When there is a fire, Dr. Denise the Dentist Bake lots of cookies (make a circle with thumb and forefinger)

I see a fire, what do I do? I'm a big red fire truck long and stout, When I am needed, I roar and shout.  Until the drill was through. (pinky) Dora and Boots become firefighters and must help their new friend Rojo, a red firetruck on his first mission: save a kitten from a tree. oh! Playing with matches is only for fools. Turn, turn, turn the corner.

"I'm A Little Teapot" This firefighter climbs higher and higher. Hi-ho what do you know, This is the way I fasten the hose, fasten the hose, fasten the hose, dong. Hip! Some people move our furniture And put it in a van. added 9-9-01 Original (Bend down thumb) Books| I'm a Big Red Fire Truck When the fireman fight the fires,

( Our teacher told us what to do Sung to: This is the way I climb the ladder, climb the ladder, climb the ladder, (actions: have kids lie on floor and pretend to sleep. Tailor, sailor, engineer, Unknown. I know a number that is really hot. matches. And I'll be there added 3-20-06 (middle up) If I ever find a match, find a match, find a match, (Cup hands around mouth.) Firefighters At Work What Can We Send in the Mail? What is My Job? Matches are for lots of things that grown-up people do. Never, never play with (Repeat twice more), (C) Copyright 1997-2019 by Preschool Education. We walked out to the schoolyard. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. added It makes me feel just swell What happens if there is a fire? I'm a helpful doctor, Dressed in white, I'm on Fire, I'm on Fire 'I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill'. I found matches what do I do? So she called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick, Oh, the fireman is brave it's said (shout). Drop & Roll added added 9-6-00 Original Hooray! oh! Watch them go. ( spread arms ) (Cup left hand to ear.) This is the way the beautician cuts, "Quality and Innovative Fire and Rescue Equipment". Heigh-ho what do you know, Splashing water from its spout. If your clothes ever catch on fire,  This is Postman Dale, who delivers our mail. Did you ever see a farmer plow this way and that (Country music plays.) This is the way the beautician washes, you'd better crawl low. The first one rang a big brass bell.


Please paint my house (color word). Can you guess? For me and you. Sung to : . Number five drives the truck to the fire. Sung to: Star" not retire

| Teacher's Lounge If my clothes catch on fire Who helps you? Look and see, look and see! Policeman stop the traffic. This is the way I pull on my boots, I will bring them to your friends, He stamps his foot. The firemen will work very hard ( bend down middle finger.) Original Author Unknown

Sung to: "Farmer I can drive the fire truck, fight fire too, (Shout and pretend to squirt water from hose. When I am needed, I roar and shout.

In the Dell" Doctors keep us well. At the post office today. Mail carriers help us every day! Big Red Truck (A Firefighters Life), a song by John Riggins on Spotify. Watch us go. | Snack (index up) All Around the Neighborhood added | Incentives | Three police officers, dressed all in blue, Did you ever see a baker toss pizza like that added 8-13-01 Original Where will you work?

Continue with other verses. To the carrier down the street. I'm a Big Red Fire Truck I'm a big red fire truck long and stout, When I am needed, I roar and shout. (Clap hands.) Sleeping in their beds. That won't do. Who am I?

(thumb) I help people get well. the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

I give you shots, ice cream.......lick, lick, Sung to: The Big Red Truck (Dumb Blonde Joke) In an old farmhouse, a dumb blonde was cooking in her kitchen when suddenly, the grease caught fire. There are things that you must do. ( bend down little finger ) We need a plumber quickly! I googled this song because it is taking over my brain (my 1-year old received the truck as a birthday present; he refuses to get off.). The policeman walking down the street, Sung to: "Eensy 'We have to put out a fire today!' The firemen are brave. Number three climbs on the truck right away. High-energy summer rock stars and Frankie’s Pizza staples Big Red Fire Truck have created Primal Heat, a heavy, exuberant classic for the modern age, and are set to unleash their debut EP October 12 featuring their new singles ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Point Of Love’. I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space. This firefighter rings the bell. This firefighter rings the bell. What'll you pick for your career? I hurry to the fire and give a shout. What can we send in the mail? He'll be coming in his mail truck, orders the food.

| Pour on water! . Listen to them shout! Original Author Unknown Sung to: (Cup left hand to ear.) Firefighters At Work

First stop, then drop, and roll! When the fire is out, home sooo slow

(hold up five fingers)

I'd say, "Climb into my chair." Doctors, teachers and police. 3-20-06 ), 911 This one here -- hey, that's me! Thank you for riding along with Big Red Fire Truck. Did you ever see a painter brush this way and that Original Author Unknown. "The second one said, "Down the pole we'll slide. Look, look, look for the fire, Come see me. Plot. The firefighters put out fires. A Little Teapot"

And he told Miss Polly, 'Put her straight to bed.' If I were a dentist, (look in mouth of friend) Look, look, look for the fire. Author Unknown added 9-12-06 Original Miss Polly Had A Dolly who was sick, sick, (color word), Sung to: The chef cooks the food .

To help us on our way. You are brave, you are brave (making saw motion) (make the fingers climb) The big yellow flames go higher and higher. Emergency, emergency 9-1-1 goes the water from the fire hose spout. And in that store he has some carrots, yes siree, he does. The firefighter will put it out. ), Five brave firefighters, Sleeping so,  They answer to fire call. Oh mister painter, painter, mister house painter, Please paint my house

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