While the cover itself is not amazing, it’s what Tool have done with the packaging that makes it worth a mention.

With practical takeaways, interactive exercises, recordings and a friendly Q&A. Frazer Harrison/Getty Schoolboy Q has announced the title to his new album. Mimo - Hello Let’s Be Friends 8. This cd cover art is unique and interesting, and with a pink robot, how could they lose? Normally a photo shoot of the artist winds up somewhat plain; Sila does things differently in this shot, as it barely looks real. Colors and effects were expertly applied to create artwork that is stunning enough for a frame, yet is used to promote another form of art instead. Is Harry Styles living inside someone’s mouth, like Jonah from the Bible? Mystery and anquish draw the listener to this cover.

To go with the album’s theme, this rendition has MJ’s entire face, tears and all, blacked out. One of many brilliant cover art designs for Tool, this one is also a stunning optical illusion. Instead, Riccardo Tisci went for an image that was symbolic and abstract. The dirty laundry pictured is a clever play off the band’s name. This charming folk-art cover works perfectly for this folk music cd. Matching the cover in metaphor to the name of the band is a common trick in album art, but the more abstract the band-name the more difficult it becomes to accomplish. The two faces could represent may things and may make an excellent cover image for the right band.. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (single, 2009) Norma Jean - O God the Aftermath (2005) Very meta, Prince. You will receive a verification email shortly. Radiohead - OK Computer (1997) These frequent collaborators brought a modern magazine-like touch to Prince’s album cover. It’s as if to say, “Don’t worry, just let your eyes go where they want to go.”.

While not conventionally attractive, it is interesting and worth a closer look.

Steve Parke was again the art director for this album cover, created with photographs shot by Jeff Katz. It all depends on Photoshop. Osaka Popstar - Rock’em O-Sock’em Live! An album cover is the window into an album's soul, and sometimes that soul can be heard best when you don't have to stare into the artist's eyes to recieve it. Wraparound covers, while not quite rare, aren’t common either. 25. The artist is unknown, but many suspect that it’s Prince himself who drew the cover for 1999. His iconic purple suit, high collared shirt and coiffed hair stand out against the street fog.

With an album potentially on the way, I’m intrigued if he will rejoin the camera wizard Jonathan Mannion and once again emerge on the cover of his next. The fist and gun is Run The Jewels' Roc diamond. Although music is an abstract art form, there’s an undeniable commercial element to its creation, too. Give us some credit, Harold. Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)

His imagination and innovation will always be an inspiration for creative people working in fashion, film, photography, art and music. This Motorhead cd cover features an image that makes an impact. Black with white and red usually make for a stunning visual combo. Giraffes? The singers play on-screen lovers as they show off …, Nas shares his love story in the video for "Replace Me" featuring Big Sean and Don Toliver. This is an unexpected composition, to say the least, and has helped propel the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s from unknown independents to household names. The rapper is showing off his impressive body transformation on Instagram, just …, D∆WN goes into space. Face Dances is the ninth studio album by English rock band the Who. Visit our corporate site. Is this a used cd? Totally fine if it is, just wanna know in advance. The cost of games had remained stable since 2005, when ‘Call of Duty 2’ set the standard price. But any true fan knows that he will be remembered as an artist who marked the world with one-of-a-kind style. Is Harry Styles going to single-handedly bring back wide-leg pants? ScHoolboy Q clarifies what's going on with his 'Blank Face LP' art. We went through all of Prince’s albums to highlight his creative spirit and celebrate a life lived creatively. It must be noted that a collection of this nature is never complete, and the value of art is very personal and subjective.

2. It’s also a reminder that the 90’s were a dark time for typography. It’s no coincidence that Prince goes from shrouded in darkness to bright blue skies for his next album. We were working in separate fields – music and art – and yet the two helped one another. Blank Face LP is set to drop July 8.

The disconnect between the head and neck make this image even more interesting. Channel Orange is sparse with a touch of flair on the font. Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On (2008) Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) Some say no collection of cover art is worth mentioning without this cover. He saw the whole sleeve as being designed by me, but it was Roger’s idea from the beginning that it should be a blank wall.”. The feathers reminds us more of a cinematic trailer for a fantasy movie or video game, the brightness draws us into the center where her eyes anchor the canvas. As a visionary, you can see his fixation with the Graduation Bear as a brand, his brand. Nothing seems to make sense here, yet it works on this cd cover. Last week, we brought you the 80s album covers quiz.This week, it's back to the 70s to see if you can recognise the following sleeve artwork • Take the 90s album covers quiz here A cd cover that could inspire nightmares is not quickly forgotten. Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz. It’s minimal, a black background with an image that depicts white waves in the center, inspired by Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, a post-punk rock album from 1979. This is a version of Prince you don’t want to mess with. This was 1987 and we know that Prince certainly didn’t abandon his career at this point, even though signs of conflict with Warner were coming to the surface. Chevelle - Wonder What’s Next (2002)

Blank Face trolls the web. Would you pass it up? What look to be dollish little men have lost their heads, and perhaps some sales opportunities as well.

Crashing waves on an electric keyboard, disco ball jellyfish, speakers in the clouds, a swan with an aux cord head.

Led Zeppelin, for example, would make you feel differently on each song.”. (Forgive the tangent, but I have to know.). Taking a more classical route on this cover art, Black Light Burns manages to catch a browser’s eye. The Weeknd's "Starboy" album cover is amazing, but so is the photographer who took the image. You can see in Prince’s style evolution different collaborators that pop up, stick around for a while, and then fade away. Shake your tambourines! Someone might pick up this CD just to try to figure out what is going on with the cover. This was Prince’s breakthrough album on Billboard’s Top Ten. Matt Elliott - Howling Songs (2008) If you want an album to sell, a cover design that sends its own message about the music contained within and catches the eye is also crucial, even when music is purchased through a digital store rather than plucked from record store shelves.

They created the image in one afternoon using a computer and color copy machine.

It contains interlude skits narrated by Kirstie Alley. 21. It’s a collage of the debris of a musical career and pokes fun at the idea that an artist can’t stay relevant forever. It’s hardly surprising that Scarfe felt the pressure most when attempting to create visual representations of the characters from the lyrics, as seen inside the gatefold sleeve. Before The Black Album was released to record stores, Prince had a bad ecstasy trip and recalled every copy. Does Harry Styles know how buttons work? After unleashing music videos for “Groovy Tony” and “THat Part” with Kanye West, the South Central MC has revealed that his new album, due July 8, will be titled Blank Face LP. Shoutin’ - Don Wilkerson (1963) Always out to make a statement, the Sex Pistols used this album cover to not only get a laugh out all who came across it, but also to raise brand-awareness. Cuerpo Meridian - 69 (2006)

Some say no collection of cover art is worth mentioning without this cover. THE ALBUM . Prices start from only $2.99. It was released on July 8, 2016, ... while also unveiling what was thought to be the album's cover art. Instead, Prince innovated and reinvented and continued to make work in whatever way that he could.


4. Tool raised the bar with digipacks by including a set of stereoscope glasses to view the accompanying artwork. Gerri She wanted to know what kind of music the artist made, deep down in her innocent heart she knew the answer. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (1979)

Will I ever love anything as much as this photographer appears to love a good fish-eye lens? Hard-Fi - Once Upon a Time in the West (2007) He was dedicated most of his career to the mafioso image of Reasonable Doubt and continued being the face of his albums until The Blueprint 3. Fine Line is dropping on December 13—did Harry purposefully choose to release this on Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday?

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