Or apply the corrective action to the next consecutive sports season in which the student participates. In cases of disciplinary transfer, the Head of Department must find a school place for a Learner until the Learner is beyond compulsory school going age, as the right of the Learner to basic education cannot be violated. No gel or similar substance may be used. (a) seriously threatens, disrupts or frustrates teaching or learning in class; (b) engages in a conspiracy to disrupt proper functioning of the school through collective action; (c) insults the dignity of or defames any Learner or any other person which includes racist remarks; (d) distributes, or is in possession of any test or examination material that may enable another person to gain an unfair advantage in a test or examination; (e) cheats in a test or examination or any other form of assessment such as assignments; (f) engages in any act of public indecency; (h) is found in possession of or distributes pornographic material; or. Learner’s responsibilities lie in the creation of a classroom situation where they respectfully co-operate with teachers and all learners can  work without hindrance. Immediate removal from all activity provided the principal reasonably believes the student is an immediate and continuing danger to himself/herself, other students, staff, or administrators or is a substantial disruption to the educational process of the district for a maximum of ten days. All people should be treated with reverence, respect and dignity. Money and valuables should on no account be left in pockets of blazers (that are not being worn) in school bags or in classrooms. Learners should at all times be self-disciplined and promote and reflect a culture of learning. Bullies, intimidates, victimizes or in any way whatsoever threatens the physical and mental well being of any other Learner. No Learner may drive or park a motor vehicle on the school premises without the necessary licence and permission of the Headmaster. This is a most serious offence. d. The District Athletic and Activities Director will provide the participant and parent/guardian a written record of their decision related to the appeal. School property may not be removed from the school premises without the permission of the headmaster. Community members need to support and respect the rules of their local schools. The Bellevue School District (the District) is committed to ensuring an environment where all student participants (participants) have every opportunity to engage in programs aligned with the District’s Vision, Values, and Purpose for athletics and activities.

It is also important to remember participation in extra-curricular programs is not an entitlement. Any cuts or abrasions even if not considered serious, must be covered up immediately. Police investigate incidents in accordance with the protocol developed with the local school board. All Rights Reserved. A social conscience should be developed.

Lateness is unacceptable and shall be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct. Movement on the corridors and on stairways; move quietly and in an orderly fashion, keeping on the left. Boys guilty of serious offences such as violence, possession or distribution of drugs, theft, truancy and defiance will be subject to suspension and / or expulsion. As this . A student athlete who wishes to appeal the imposition of this corrective action may appeal the decision at the school level through the following means: NOTE: If the appeal relates to a second (or higher) violation of controlled substance use and the participant competes in a sport sanctioned by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), and the participant wishes to gain eligibility for competition, then the participant must file a second appeal directly to the Executive Director of the WIAA. Habitual offenders, not responding to rehabilitation, will however be referred to the Head of Department for expulsion. Brings, consumes or distributes drugs or alcohol on school property or at any other school related function. Sustainable development should be promoted at all times. Note: Participation is defined as follows: the student must report for try-outs and complete the season in order to serve the corrective action that has been imposed. The code of conduct applies not only to students, but to everyone involved in the publicly funded school system, including parents, volunteers, teachers, early childhood educators and other staff members.

It must be combed flat and not be blow-dried to stand up. prepare students for the full responsibilities of citizenship. “Intoxicant” means any other chemical substance (including industrial chemicals and over-the-counter medications) when used contrary to directions or warnings to affect the user’s perception, behavior, or mood, excluding tobacco and caffeine; and. Any split blood to be cleared up immediately either by the injured person or by someone wearing suitable protective clothing.

At least one of the Parents of the Learner must accompany the Learner at the hearing, unless the Learner is 21 (twenty one) years or older. comes to school prepared, on time and ready to learn, shows respect for themselves, for others and for those in authority, refrains from bringing anything to school that may put the safety of others at risk. Participants who exhibit any of the behaviors that rise to the level of exceptional misconduct as defined in Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241 (Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action) may be subject to corrective action under the Code. The following list is a menu of possible corrective actions to apply in a second (or greater) offense. If the participant is not satisfied with the decision made by the District Athletic and Activities Director at the second level of appeal, the participant may file a final appeal with the District’s Disciplinary Appeal Council (DAC) and is entitled to due process rights outlined in. Please do not run in the corridors. Learners should always aim to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Insults, hurtful acts and a lack of respect for others disrupt learning and teaching in a school community. Truancy, including missing individual classes, is unacceptable. PLAYER’S CODE OF CONDUCT We believe student-athletes in the football program at Banning High School should exemplify the highest ideas of scholarship, sportsmanship and citizenship. Each school, program, and activity will notify all participants about the Code, its requirements and corrective actions on an annual basis. Arrogance should always be avoided. In return, they must demonstrate respect for themselves and for others.

a. Corrective action(s) applied under the Code are to be interpreted in a way that would not limit the application of disciplinary corrective action that would otherwise be imposed under other applicable policies and procedures when appropriate. Learners have a responsibility not to embarrass the school in any way when out of school uniform. All Learners should support the school by participating in cultural, sporting and academic activities to uphold the school spirit. If a corrective action imposed on a student participant overlaps with a period of ineligibility in a sport or activity (for reasons including but not limited to grades, injury, or practice requirements), the corrective action does not begin after the period of ineligibility. Immediately, after considering any evidence presented in terms of sub-paragraph (14), the Disciplinary Committee must impose on the Learner a penalty that is prescribed in terms of the code and this notice, and inform the Learner in writing thereof. “Drug” means any controlled substance, as defined by the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (RCW 69.50), any drug that requires a prescription (so-called “legend drugs”), and any “look alike” drug or substance believed to be or represented as being a drug or controlled substance; and any food item with illegal drugs and/or alcohol contained within. This rule applies not only to uniform worn from day to day, but also to uniform worn during extracurricular activities. Learners should at all times be well groomed. This document is derived largely from Policy/Program Memorandum Number 128: The Provincial Code of Conduct and School Board Codes of Conduct, available on the ministry's website. Tattoos are unacceptable and must not be visible. Corrective actions specific to drugs and/or alcohol offenses are as follows: Paraphernalia without Possession (first offense): Intent to distribute or distribution (first offense): Any second or greater offense for drug and/or alcohol throughout a student’s grade 9-12 enrollment in a District school, with the exception of distribution, would take into consideration the original offense. The school does have the right to exercise punishment where it is deemed necessary. The SSC also provides a transparent and restorative disciplinary process that addresses the root causes of behaviors, repairs harm, and promotes social and emotional development. The handbook contains the Student Code of Conduct (SCC), which sets forth clear expectations for responsible student behavior. The Athletic/Activities Code of Conduct (“the Code”) takes effect when a participant enrolls in any of the District’s high school athletic and/or activity programs and ends when the participant  raduates from any one of the District’s high schools. To ensure that all teaching and admin staff have access to either rubber gloves or plastic bags to protect themselves when having to handle injuries, etc. Lockers are available for hire from the school. Brings to school weapons or any other instrument that may endanger the safety of other Learners. a. The Bellevue School District is also committed to providing a safe and civil educational environment that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. School bags may not be left in the central downstairs corridor between the old and the new buildings. The repetition of the offence will result in the Learner appearing before the school disciplinary committee. (a) contain sufficient particularity of the date, place and nature of the alleged serious misconduct to enable the Learner to identify the incident in question and respond thereto; (b) inform the Learner of charges, place, date and time of hearing; (c) inform the Learner of provisional suspension, if any, the reasons therefore and any other matter required in connection with the provisional suspension; and. All Learners are expected to arrive at school well in time for the school day and to be punctual at all times. No form of rudeness should be displayed to anyone, inside or outside the classroom. The life skills classes and form time tutorship be used at least once a year for educational programmes involving infomation on how to prevent infection and to take preventative measures with particular respect to abstaining from sexual practice outside of marriage. not swear at a teacher or at another person in a position of authority. The key thrust of this policy is to help and support the majority of learners who do not use drugs but who may be affected by the usage of drugs by others. are engaged in their child's school work and progress, make sure their child is properly dressed and prepared for school, ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time, inform the school promptly about their child's absence or late arrival, become familiar with the provincial code of conduct, the board's code of conduct and school rules, encourage and help their child follow the rules of behaviour. The building administrators (Principals or Assistant Principals) and/or  athletic/Activity Director will ensure that corrective action is consistent, fair and balanced; progressive in nature; and considers the developmental level of the participant. the Kingston City School District community – learn and engage in appropriate behavior that supports student success in life and in society.

The building administrator (Principal or Assistant Principal) and/or Athletic/Activity Director will then: a. The school gates will be locked at 08h00. Decisions regarding suspension from contests/events should be commensurate with the nature of the extra-curricular activity, the student’s offense, honesty, and his/her own conduct, and/or other relevant factors.

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