So, what has changed in Craig’s game in just a couple of years that merits a whole new four-part BJJ DVD? When he initially saw that his first match was going to be against the favorite, and one of the favorites for the absolute as well he initially got extremely nervous. That’s the mark of a true high-level black belt!

In this volume, he starts with an introduction to the guard and proper positioning for leg locks. This time, he shows the things that he does in high-level competition along with all the strategies and tactics that make them work! Included here is advice on how a beginner should start developing their leg lock game and problems in terms of specific leg locks. After his impressive EBI outing, he immediately issued a leg looking DVD dubbed “Down Under Leg Attacks”. While practicing there, he began to succeed in numerous Australian competitions.

The first ever Craig Jones DVD Instructional demonstrated Craig’s take on the leg locking game. No stranger to competition, Craig is actually a NoGi IBJJF Purple Belt World Champion. In 2018 he won a Polaris belt and end up in 3rd place in KASAI Pro. Check out this high light of Craig’s ADCC 2017 Finland run below. His next big worldwide step was getting a bronze medal at the 2016 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro. Get both Down Under Craig Jones DVDs and you’ll be unstoppable, no matter who your opponent is.

Craig had competed in EBI before and had won some prestigious events, but he was not famous among the mainstream bjj fans.

ANIMATED GIF download. This event was unsuccessful for him, but it didn’t stop him. In 2006 as a 15 years old Craig Jones started training BJJ in his cousin academy called ISOHEALTH. Escapes from Everywhere by Bernardo Faria, The Buchecha Takedown System In The Gi by Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida, Submission Arsenal: Closed Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni. The second portion of volume two moves on to option on arriving at the back form the 50/50. Before he was “The Giant Slayer” he was just a regular guy, a guy being forced into taking questionably romantic engagement photos. Many champions have one track minds and it is true for Craig.

Actually, there’s not just one, but rather two ways of improving your finishing rate. He has actually won 7 out of his last 11 matches via heel hook and has been able to use a variety of leg locks at high levels of competition. We all know those guys that train very well in the academy but when it comes time to compete they are not the best. It also seems that Craig has some newfound fascination with the 50/50 guard. This time he got second place, losing only to Gordon Ryan. Ever since Gordon Ryan went up a weight division (or two) Craig has found a new home away from home in the blue basement that is Renzo’s NYC academy. So these amazing performances beg the question, how does Craig do it?

Craig does have some of the most innovative and creative leg locks in the game today. So, far, there is not one Craig Jones instructional that has disappointed me.
Craig Jones – Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks (DVD/OnDemand/Combo). 158.0M . Be the first one to write a review. A smooth De La Riva foot lock caps it all off. He also had contact with judo and taekwondo. He trusted his bjj, went into the match with confidence and submitted one of the best in the entire world. Are we... Bully Gets Slammed And Knocked Out After Punching a Peaceful Guy. This time around he heads to solve leg lock problems by offering real-world examples. So now that you know who Craig Jones is all you want to do is learn his technique.. Well, lucky for you, BJJ Fanatics was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with the young and up and coming Phenom on a new DVD all about lower body attacks, philosophies, principles, and concepts. Not all of them have this feature, but the ones that do really help put things into perspective. The part I love the most about modern-day BJJ instructional DVDs. This instructional really helped a bunch of people understand leg looks better, including me. During the commentary, he explains what he is doing, what he is thinking and what the goal is with every little movement he does. Sezzle: We invite you to checkout with Sezzle.

By then, we all knew what Ashi Garami was, and the major dominant positions in the leg lock game. And I have them all. however, he still pulls his best stuff off, even when everyone knows what’s coming. Jones has two sub victories in the Submission Underground promotion since May, one at SUG 4 over Micah Brakefield and another at SUG 6 against Ben Egli. 17-year-old daughter of the former UFC champion registered a victory in her professional MMA debut. He trains out of Australia and is a black belt under Lachlan Giles. As a kid, he was involved in Australian football and basketball.

During the time, his leg lock game seems to have grown as well. First up, a twist (pun intended) on finishing the inside heel hook from the Saddle. Daniel … And when the subject is leglocks, I doubt anyone can resist! In 2017 he shocked the world at ADCC by submitting 5-time World Champion Leandro Lo, BJJ legend Murilo Santana and UFC legend Chael Sonnen.

There’s one main variable here, apart from, of course, experience. Should Lower Belt be able to Submit a Higher Belt in BJJ? Craig has more than just extremely authentic technique, good physique, and cardio and more, he has the will and desire to win. Than he realized this was an opportunity to display his capabilities and that is exactly what he did. But that begs the question, what does he have up his sleeve for the ADCC that we do not know about? #246C,Beverly, MA 01915,United States. The Down Under Leg Attacks DVD had one aspect in particular that nobody had covered before – leg lock entries. It is Craig’s fifth DVD in a line of some great instructionals. How is it any different from the first? Help build MMA knowledge online: Update Wiki. The four-part instructional was Craig’s first, and it was a real hit. Many people have actually referred to Craig as the “new Eddie Bravo.” If you’re not familiar with whom Eddie Bravo is you may have been living under a rock. Craig offers a few heel hook attacks, again removing major problems out of the way, the likes of heel exposure. BJJ Fanatics was started by a pair of black belts who know that nothing is more important for a fellow fanatic than their time on the mat.

The other features that Craig has that segregate him from the rest of the crowd is an outstanding work ethic. To be honest, I really liked Craig Jones, ever since he burst on the No-Gi competition stage. The first ever Craig Jones DVD Instructional demonstrated Craig’s take on the leg locking game. he does everything he covered in the previous two volumes, clearly showing how the things work in different live scenarios. They cover the solutions to common problems by answering some of the most common questions people have about leg locks. Craig Jones is the biggest name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu right now. Eddie did not continue to win the ADCC but he had the biggest break out performance. After a short introduction, Craig kicks it off with everyone’s favorite leg locking position – the Saddle. BJJ world all around the globe heard about Craig Jones for the first time after his amazing performance at the 2015 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, where he became a champion in a really good style. Check out Craig Jones new DVD Set, “Down Under Leg Attacks.”  This is one of the best resources anybody can get their hands on if they are attempting to learn new school leg attacks, in fact, we may actually go as far as to say that this is hands down THE BEST lower body attacks DVD on the market today. Next year he has done exactly the same. For somebody with minimal accolades when compared to someone like Leandro Lo to be able to accomplish this, it was unheard of. The whole DVD has a structure that’s unlike any previous Craig Jones DVD instructional. In this new wave of no gi grapplers, Craig is sure to become one the best nogi grapplers to ever compete. After ADCC, Craig Jones got an invitation to EBI again. At first glance at this volume of the Craig Jones DVD Instructional, you notice the number of chapters straight away. Invaluable! 100 Cummings Ctr. In 2017 Craig Jones once again won the Asia and Oceania Trials and qualified for ADCC.

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A post shared by Craig Jones (@craigjonesbjj) on Aug 21, 2019 at 4:47pm PDT, Craig Jones – The Best Australian Grappler.

In the first round of the event, he fights against Leandro Lo and won. You’ll get answers to questions like “why doesn’t my ankle lock work?” and “Are toe holds effective in No-Gi”? Craig has a similar story. It has been quite the while since the last Craig Jones DVD instructional. Let’s go play by play and analyze everything Craig has to offer this time!

How does it work? Of course, you should. However, it is not a revival of Ryan Halls 50/50 leg locks, but rather a brand new take on the original BJJ leg locking position. NEW: Craig Jones DVD Instructional – Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks, BJJ Pummel Drills And How To Train Them Right, Different Ways In Which You Can Finish A Jiu-Jitsu Choke, Low Percentage Grappling Moves Worth Exploring, BJJ Knee On Belly: How To Make People S*#t Themselves, BJJ Home Workout Series: Fat Loss Training, Managing BJJ Pain And Chronic Inflammation For Grapplers, BJJ Staph Infection: Everything You Need To Know, Craig Jones – Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks (DVD/OnDemand/Combo), Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2020 – Guide And Reviews, WATCH Erberth Santos Pees His Pants, Fakes Injury & Taps Out on BJJ World Pro, UFC 254 Results: The Amazing Khabib puts Gaethje to Sleep and Announces Retirement (VIDEO). comment.

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