a veg-friendly space for happy, healthy humans, I wrote a post similar to this in the past, and it did really well. People bearing this name are associated with innocence and modesty.

Dune – mn only

I especially love Iris, Zella, Elowen, Fox, and Phoenix.

They are Gorgeous names. A nature name is simply a name that is commonly used to name something in nature. Dylan I’d love to hear your favorites. This makes me happy, because I love posts like this. I have a good feeling that after we’re married in the fall, a little bit won’t be too far behind ;) So really, these name lists are also good for me! For me, earthy names are names that give me earthy imagery. Boone

Here is the list of Earth names for girls.

Levi, Gideon, Wesley, and Charlie are some examples off the top of my head. All The Animal Crossing Names In One Handy List, 100 Croatian Last Names With Meanings And History, 100 Best Cat Pokémon Names With Nicknames.

Rafferty (Irish name), meaning "flood tide", 8. This is a female name derived from the Latin word that means a tropical fragrant flower. Chris

Linwood – an English name that comes from “the linden tree dell.”, Lupin – Latin name meaning “pertaining to the wolf.”. Fox.

Oleander (Greek), meaning "evergreen tree", 22.

I like the idea of an earthy name but I'm not so sure about some of the "tree" names, some of them may just be too distinguishable for people. It’s a new trendy name for baby girls which is inspired by the beautiful nature. All have a nice literary feel to them also.


The world around us provides so much inspiration, so there's plenty to choose from.

In mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture. Thank you so much for your comment :) xx, I’m Bianca, and I’m so excited to share my corner of the world with you. the elements (earth, air, fire, water) the seasons (spring, summer, winter, fall) So if you are really into an earthy theme and just love how these nature-inspired names sound, here are 148 baby boy names inspired by nature all around us. In mythology, Terra was the name of the Roman earth goddess.

I’ve never heard Zamaya before, but it is beautiful. :), Gorgeous names, mammy!

Gemma is a very popular Italian origin female name. Levi

I think the phrase “less is more” will become the norm for many individuals. It is a new stylish name for boys with German origin meaning “eagle” which resembles strong and compelling characteristics. But my favorite for a girl is Liv, so I am always worried if we have one of each, I’ll have to sacrifice one so they don’t sound too similar. It is an interesting variation of popular feminine name Ariana. Connell (Irish origin), meaning "strong wolf", 7.

Rush (old English), meaning "one who lives by the rushes", 24. 12. These are the names that catch my eye, and I think they are pretty appropriate for my audience ;) The name comes from the cypress tree which is very adaptable, long-lived and grows in many climates. Sterling – English name for “pure silver.”, Sunny – is an English name that means “sunshine”, Sycamore –  describes the sycamore tree.

It’s a Celtic name, meaning “Irish hillside”. Reed (Old English), meaning "red" as well as referring to the plant commonly growing by streams, 7. Violet

Badur (Arabic origin), meaning "full moon", 5. Flint (English origin), meaning "born near an outcrop of flint", 12. Cloth diapers, check.

Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. I love both meanings, and love how unique it is. Wyatt, Adam

Vermont means “green mountain”.

Basil (Greek origin), meaning "brave and fearless", 2.

The name has a different meaning in different languages like in Italian it means “air or the melody”, “treasure” in Albanian, “lioness” in Hebrew and “noble” in Persian. Will.

Arne (Scandinavian origin) , meaning "eagle", 2. Linden – meaning “linden tree hill.” Another variation is Lyndon. Holt Raven (English origin), named after the blackbird, 22. Earthy names manage to feel both fresh and timeless - with just a touch of hippy free love and creativity. We've collected baby names for boys and girls inspired by flowers, plants, trees, the forest, the ocean, and more. This is the exact kind of name I would give to a boy.

In mythology, Flora was the name of the Roman goddess of springtime. They’re approachable. Elm means “a tree” that resembles strong, straight, and leafy.

Another variation is Larke.

Fern. But they tend to feel a little fresher, a little less “old school”. It is a natural shiny stone that is produced organically in living shelled mollusk.

Gus: (Latin) This boys name means “worthy of respect” and isn’t that true for all of us?

It is named after a beautiful purple flower which symbolizes love, modesty, and virtue. With Earth Day coming up, we thought it was the perfect time to round up eco-friendly baby names.

Desert. Cyan (American), meaning "light blue-green", 2.

When tasked with naming their baby boy, all parents strive for a name that exemplifies how special their sure-to-be-prodigious offspring will be. Sage – is an evergreen shrub that is used as an herb. Logan Occasionally, there will be a paid sponsored post or review, but these opportunities are chosen carefully.

Vita It is a beautiful feminine name after as gemstone with varying colours. Everley (English origin), meaning "boar meadow", 10. Lennox (Scottish name), meaning "with many elm trees", 4.


Mark Laurel (English origin), meaning "laurel" or "sweet bay tree", also "victorious", 18.

I’m a wife, mama, writer, reader, plant-eater, and friend to all animals. Hazelton – English name meaning “settlement near hazel trees.”. Are you trying to choose the perfect baby name but haven’t heard anything that really fits your baby yet? Nature Names for Girls.

Quilo (Roman origin), meaning "north wind", 11. Canyon : ( Spanish ) This boy name means “footpath”, but it’s also (obviously) geography’s name for canyons and deep ravines.

It is a German girl name which is popular among parents who want a unique name for their baby. Phoenix (Greek origin), meaning "deep red" or referring to the mythical bird, 20. It is an earthy popular male name meaning “hill” which represents power, strength and undying spirit. Levi

It is ideal for nature-loving mothers. We have the girl name on lock, but still wondering about the boy… hmmm…. Isla

At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. Pierce (Anglo Saxon origin), meaning "rock", 22.

The meaning of the name is “a green plant that loves shade”. It is pronounced as GY UH. Cedar – is an American word that means “type of tree.”, Chan – Cambodian for “sweet-smelling tree.”. They’re familiar, friendly and best of all very easy to wear. Rock or Rocky (English or American name), named after "stone", 23. Acer – is the Latin botanical name for the Maple Tree. I really appreciate an unexpected name!

Harbor – describes a place on the coast where ships find shelter and dock. Fleur

There’s nothing pompous, pretentious or fanciful about these names, which is possibly why so many of them are nicknames. Ridge – an English name meaning “a narrow, rough segment of mountaintop.”, Rio – a Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese name that means “place of the cherry blossoms.”.

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