It tastes very chemically and the vapor smells even more so. Gorillaz gorillaz theory gorillaz the now now gorillaz tranz Gorillaz humility. They begin to play their instruments as trippy graphics play in the background. a big thank you to @pinkdepressants​ for their help!! dumb theory 1. what if el mierda (ur friendly neighborhood shapeshifter) shapeshifted into noodle (and has acquired her phone) and is actually the one chatting w us recently.

Thanks for reading.

The bottom line is I smoke cartridges strictly for the convenience. At the end of the video, a lone jello-like 3D model of 2-D falls to the floor as the background flickers back into a green screen. They’re small, portable, easily hidden and portable.

I LOVE this strain and highly highly (puns) recommend it. Music, art, and discussions. I feel creative and happy. Makes me think of Michael Jackson and his infamous thriller video which Gorillaz have referenced in the past, Clint Eastwood video with their own zombie gorillas.

Some theory's I've seen so far have susected that it stands for transformers or transcendental, the latter I like more then the former for the very reason that it talks about dopamine and looking like me and I know about but i don't look like Megatron! The song’s charted at #16 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs. It's all here! The cartridge is good, I’m just biased.

"Do you dance like me?

“Tranz” is a single by Gorillaz. **This is all ripped from my private twitter after my friend said to put it here lol** The TRANZ video is fucked and we know it . No I think that the song describes a person who comes back from a party and is so high that only the transition of human to zombie can describe this person experience. I like this strain because the high you get is very unique. “Tranz” is a single by Gorillaz.

One of my faves to come out of the newer flux of genetics. The song’s charted at#16 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs. In the promotional artwork for this video, Noodle's guitar has a sticker of Ren from Nickelodeon's 1991 animated series Ren and Stimpy, however this sticker does not appear on her guitar in the music video. ), The important bit in this is 2D’s pose, this pose is reminiscent of early christian’s prayer Orans, orans is a latin word, basically translating to one who is praying or pleading, now, in the background we see Noodle and what seems to be a snake, in the story of Adam and Eve, satan takes the form of a snake to lure Eve (the only female, after Lilith) and convince her to eat the forbidden fruit, the imagery here seems to convey a story of Noodle (the only female in the group) being convinced or lured to do something that the cult leader (murdoc) may not like, horns and a masked figure seemingly doing a ritual over a pentagram, since Murdoc is a satanic worshipper, it only makes sense the cult would also worship satan, Heaven’s gate is famous for their mass suicide in 1997, BUT they are also known for their recruitment videos, these videos include Marshall Applegate (the late leader) staring directly into the camera and speaking directly to the viewer, The TRANZ video features 2D looking directly into the camera (save for the eye glowing scenes during the chorus, in which he looking up to the sky) and speaking directly to the singer, Marshall Applegate’s odd speaking patterns and use of intelligent words is mimicked by 2Ds use of weird words in the lyrics, The clips of claymation 2D could represent the after effects of the use of drugs, even large dosage and a overdose if we take the end scene of clay 2d collapsing into account, Lilith was Adam’s first wife and was created at the same time as he was, out of the same dirt, though she is only really recognized in jewish and middle eastern folklore, jewish scholars (post-biblical times) believe the creation of the first man and woman (genesis 1:27) and the taking of Adam’s rib to create Eve (genesis 2:7, 21-22), Lilith became an image of seduction and chaos and in some folklore, is considered the mother succubi, Tying Paula into that, Paula was 2D’s first girlfriend and the guitarist before Noodle.

Please follow. Always full of flavour always dense nuggets and never disappoint in the high department. Near the end of the video, various horror movie clips, and strange 3D and claymation animation begin to play in the as the screen distorts and stretches. Giggly. The next lines " do you look like me, do you feel like me? thinking emoji), HER HAIR blond/golden/orange hair relates to symbolism of the sun ( in biblical terms, this relates to GOD and his blessing upon the earth, ON THE OTHER HAND black hair relates to the chthonic (DEVIL!!! our boy is staring up or at 2D and smiling the entire video, his expression rarely changes, Russel has had his bump ins w religion and spirituality, especially spirits and the western death figure (the grim reaper) “…the most prominent [spirit] being Russel’s best friend Del…” (Gorillaz wiki), not only that but he has had run ins with death personally as well “The soul of his friend Del was ripped out of his body by Death…” (Gorillaz wiki), one of the only things 2d and Russel have in common and the one thing that ties these two together in my theory is their eyes the white eyes are a trait that ONLY Russel and 2d have from what we’ve seen, white in biblical terms is a symbol a faith, white eyes could be a sign of one seeing god, both characters have had near death experiences and their association with Murdoc (a satanic worshipper) could strengthen their appeal to a diety (either satanic or holy), THUS both (either/or) could be prophets for some sort of god (or the devil?

Reblog. The music video opens up with a shot of neon signs of the Gorillaz logo and the word "Tranz".

752 notes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Line were offered to produce this music video after they produced Humility, but had to decline to offer. Today I am going to be reviewing one of my favorite strains: Gorilla Glue #4 (the VS pre-filled cartridge). I had listened to the live version filmed at the boiler room and the title and the couple of the lyrics left me, umm confused to say the least. Reblog ... my brother had this theory about the new gorillaz video and i think it explains a lot about how different russel and noodle are acting in the tranz music video. Trusty ol' Google no tells me effigy means a dummy or sculpture so Damon is a lifeless husk. 6 notes.

Gorillaz are a British virtual band created in 1998 by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett.The band primarily consists of four animated members: Stuart "2-D" Pot, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs.Their fictional universe is presented in music videos, interviews and short cartoons. Genre Alternative Comment by <3randomweeb<3. Toke and stay woke. I've never heard of Gorillaz referencing video games but I think that might be what's happening here?

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