In addition to fresh forage, Golden Guernseys still require goat essentials such as clean water, quality hay, and free access to minerals.

The ability to utilize browse species, which often have thorns and an upright growth habit with small leaves tucked among woody stems, is a unique characteristic of the goat, compared to heavier, less agile ruminants. The "tropical livestock unit" or (tropische Vieheinheit) or TLU is based on a live weight of 250 kg.[16][17].

Gipson, R.C. By summer’s end our ladies made it clear that grass was great, but our many trees fit their browsing desires more nicely. Some use figures for animals of different sizes which are directly proportional to their weight – for example the 2006 UK Government scheme uses a figure for ruminants of the animal's weight (in kilogrammes) divided by 650. FAO discussion paper, explaining relationship between LSU, UBT and UGB. Livestock grazing comparison is a method of comparing the numbers and density of livestock grazing in agriculture.Various units of measurement are used, usually based on the grazing equivalent of one adult cow, or in some areas on that of one sheep.Many different schemes exist, giving various values to the grazing effect of different types of animal. Many different schemes exist, giving various values to the grazing effect of different types of animal. a one-year old bull needs 2 Füße. Bulls, calves, etc., are a fraction of that, e.g. Goats even sometimes climb into trees or shrubs to consume the desired forage. For example, horses naturally graze unevenly, eating short grass areas first and only grazing longer turf if there is insufficient short grass; cattle graze longer grass preferentially, tending to produce a uniform sward; goats tend to browse shrubs if these are available. Killing a goat suggests you will become miserable because of your indifference. A more precise unit is the "fodder-consuming livestock unit" or Raufutter verzehrende Großvieheinheit (RGV), which corrects the value above based on the demands of a given species and direct, near-natural supply of food (fibre-rich roughage) without concentrates. In: Meat Goat Production Handbook, ed. For our family, rotational browsing has been a tremendous blessing for our herd and peace of mind for us. The needs of rotational grazing vary according to type of animal, time of year, and brush vs. grass ratio. For example, some schemes give no value to a young calf, but an additional value to a cow together with her calf at foot.

In spite of their grazing preferences, goats can be grazed on pasture alone. For the scope of this article, I’d like to share the rotational grazing benefits we’ve enjoyed. Another consequence of different grazing styles is variation between species in the number of units that can lead to overgrazing – for example, horses may overgraze the short parts of a pasture even when taller grass is still available.

The topography and size of the pasture also will have an effect on grazing time, as will forage availability and ease of forage removal. During hot weather, frequent movement of goats during the day will increase intake. Pastures for Meat Goats.

This is why homesteaders with limited acreage are turning to the Golden Guernsey goat.

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