Protein A protein intake of 0.8g/kg/day, as well as limiting sodium intake, can stabilise long‐term renal function and maintain an adequate nutritional status in the kidney transplant recipient (Bernardi et al., 2003). Will try the ricotta bake. (No REAL snails pleeeease)! I am 4 days post surgery. Is it 2oz of protien then two oz of veggies?? I’d love the recipe. I just had my sleeve surgery 4 days ago. I also am trying to correct my fiber intake to be more regular. On your other channel called gochujangmama i see you cook normal foods there.. I’m doing the gastric sleeve in 2 days through Kaiser and we’re supposed to eat protein first, then veggies then starch and fruit when can you start making the things in your recipe.

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Please like, comment, and subscribe! Swallowing or chewing problems can result from nervous-system disorders, such as a stroke, or accidents that affect the jaw.Place the hardest foods (e.g., meat, chicken) in a blender or food processor along with some liquid, like milk, juice, meat, or vegetable stock and purée it until it’s smooth. We include Gelatein 20 in both lunch and dinner. you’re whipping my hind end with that measuring.. and you’re already able to eat more things than I can even at 4 months!!! For people watching this in the puréed or anything before week 7 PLEASE DONT USE ANY HOT SAUCE OR SALSA. I’m excited, nervous, scared…but I’m definitely making note of all your foods! I live in Canada & looked for those balls jars, couldn’t find anywhere. All foods must be a smooth, liquid consistency. Pie crust made from cauliflower is not the same as real pie crust. Colace! Or even a spoon full of cottage cheese. I go for my first consultation on Wednesday and I’m just trying to learn as much as I can in advance. Do you have any idea where can I find those, thanks again. How to Lose Weight if You're a Couch Potato. I forgot about sardines. • Eat or sip slowly. I’m one week out from surgery and I am so glad I found you! Been doing videos about us. I had gastric bypass and I want to make the ricotta bake. So happy to find your channel bc I love to cook & meal prep. I hope you are well and your journey is going well. Melanie Wildman:Melanie Wildman’s mission is helping people live healthier and more successful lives. I am 3 days out from surgery and truly looking forward to trying this!!! I am a big soup/stew lover. It’s like a kid off my body!

The nutritional guidebook given to me (before AND after, they have me 2 for some odd reason) stresses avoiding any foods with seeds, as they can be difficult to digest and also can become lodged in any crevices still healing in your newly formed stomach pouch. So proud of you❣️ Everything you made looked good to me..except I need bigger portions Keep up the good work my friend. Damn nearly died! Most high-protein, low-fat vegetables, such as lentils, chickpeas and spinach, make hearty purees that can handle additional ingredients. It is slow and hard. What an amazing video. Add cream & cheese. Each meal should last 30-60 minutes. endstream endobj 879 0 obj <. • Appropriate foods for this meal plan are listed below. All of this has been cleared by my doctor, although your case could be different, so please follow the instructions of your surgeon/medical team!Have any VSG-friendly meals/ideas you’d like to share? There should be no lumps in the food, and it should feel like a thick paste.

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