Well, there are lots of reasons, but I think having a self-proclaimed prophet just over the hill who runs a first-rate vegetarian restaurant and pays unexpected attention on teenagers is very enticing indeed, especially if one is already on a spiritual quest. All of them were dressed in white robes, with headbands around their long hair. Their fourth album, All or Nothing at All, was almost entirely comprised of tepid singer/songwriter soft rock that sounded like Amateur Hour at the local coffeehouse, albeit with some off-kilter lyrics; Father Yod did

By age 17, Jim had graduated Chicago’s Swedish School of Massage, got a job at the Wright plant, married the boss’ daughter, and lied about his age to join the Marines and fight in World War II. Frankly, we are far too gullible when appraising the pros and cons of gurus like Father Yod. They were sold to the general public in Father Yod’s popular vegetarian Source Restaurant for … While Abraham kindly championed my cause, Father Yod himself took umbrage at my lack of devotion towards him. Members took on the surname Aquarian, and crammed into a three-bedroom house in the Hills.
Psychedelic collectors are aware of Yahowa via their connection to Sky Saxon of the Seeds, who occasionally sang with members of the group. Celebrities and Notable People Who Have Had Coronavirus. He was a guru who demanded absolute obedience and yet was accountable to no one except himself. Hopped up on a steady diet of black beauties and booze, Jim emptied money from the register at the Old World and bought a purple Rolls Royce. Such a great reread!

Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Ice Cube defends partnership with Trump to invest in black communities, Meghan Markle pal Jessica Mulroney is celebrating after ‘rough’ few months, Lily James flirted with married ‘Rebecca’ co-star Armie Hammer: report, Adele Hosted ‘SNL’ For The First Time, But Don’t Worry, She Also Sang Her Hits (And H.E.R. We almost immediately got into an argument about religious ideas. I remember Maria telling me that some of the Family would show up at his house unannounced trying to either encourage or intimidate him back to the fold. The first four of the albums were billed to Father Yod & the Spirit of '76, and are must-hears for aficionados of the genre known as "incredibly strange music." Naturally, I didn't like the put down, and our conversation turned from bad to worse. The Source Family quickly relocated to their next home in Nichols Canyon. Your Ad Choices He then directed his gaze over to Joe Maria and me. INTEGRAL WORLD: EXPLORING THEORIES OF EVERYTHING, An independent forum for a critical discussion of the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber. Father Yod was born on July 4, 1922 and died on August 25, 1975. However, I didn't like Father Yod on any level. The Source Family continued on with Makushla as spiritual leader before finally dispersing in 1977. Drag City Records has also reissued several Ya Ho Wha 13 albums along with previously unheard music from other Source members to coincide with its release of the 2012 documentary, The Source Family. Father passed away on August 25, 1975 at the age of 53 in Oahu, HI. Baker became Father Yod, a spiritual leader who espoused the virtues of healthy eating, yoga, mediation, and a number of other practices that were nascent at the time but are now commonly accepted. In fact, to leave their past behind, he and his wife changed their identities in order to live a peaceful life with their kids. For all their weirdness, Father Yod & the Spirit of '76 weren't totally devoted to spontaneous madness. Later when Abraham returned and I did accompany Yod and his family in various VW vans to LAX I learned for the first time that their entire family was smoking “sacred” herb before their morning meditation sessions. Co-edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil, the authors of. He founded a spiritual commune in the Hollywood Hills known as the Source Family. In fact, however, Yahowa 13's discography mined far deeper and more mysterious lodes than the relatively few tracks that a spinoff band did with Saxon. Instead, he opened a sandal shop on Fairfax, hung out with the Nature Boys, and met his second wife, Elaine, with whom he studied the Vedas and Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Father Yod’s unofficial Source Family teacher’s manual). I believe it’s totally in the makeup of the person. When I voiced my surprise and obvious disapproval, I was again met with a series of put-downs. Like Djin, he was a musician and initially drawn to the community aspect.

The band followed up with several shows on the West Coast and released the albums Sonic Portation in 2008 and 2013 in 2010. Father Yod seems to have lived numerous lives before starting the restaurant. Well darling, it seems you can read and retell pretty well, but you did get some of the details all wrong. It is easy, and sometimes justified, to snipe at these cult rarities as the work of psychedelic charlatans.
It was in the afternoon on a school day, perhaps around four or so, and Father Yod was sitting in the table closest to the entrance of the restaurant. Yod was a dabbler, taking some Egyptian mysticism, some Hindu yoga, some American self-help jargon, and tying it all up into pre-Shirley MacLaine New Age hype. BETTYE LAVETTE HAS HER OWN HELL TO RAISE! Robin and Father Yod – Photo by Laura Garon. We didn’t have as much money available without the restaurant income and we didn’t have

One night, Jim spotted Robin hitchhiking to her friend Sharon Tate’s house and invited her once more to come with him to one of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini yoga classes at his 3HO ashram. What was the location of death? Jim began calling himself Father Yod and led Sunday meditation classes in the back of The Source, using the naam of Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru he learned at 3HO and even adopted a little of Yogi Bhajan’s accent into his own speaking voice. Thanks. The Source Restaurant – Photo: Isis Aquarian. In the midst of all this sat Joe mesmerized by his soon to be guru. This came to him in the wake of a disastrous 90-day trip to India with 83 of his fellow 3HO yoga students and Yogi Bhajan, whose convoluted personal quest to acquire a yogi lineage (from a guru who never practiced yoga!) “Father Yod got slammed with a tremendous amount of negativity for so many reasons and from multiple sources, including quite a few Source sisters and brothers.”. Father Yod’s Sunday meditations caught on with his young hippie patrons and within a year, he rented the 24-bedroom Chandler mansion and invited  to them all to live and participate in his “Spiritual Bootcamp” regime of Yogi Bhajan’s 3 a.m. cold showers and Kundalini yoga, Baron Eugene Fersen’s Star Exercise, and a toke of the sacred herb. employment until we settled and created — or found — jobs to keep 144 mouths fed and bodies sheltered.”. He was also lead singer of the commune's experimental psychedelic rock band, Ya Ho Wa 13. As a Depression-Era kid, Jim grew up fast and made a name for himself through his athletic ability and passion for nutrition with help from his mentor and father figure, Paul Bragg.

Father Yod seemed not to relish competition and I remember one night at the Source restaurant (I think it was shortly after Cat Stevens had come to inquire about his philosophy) when he got very indignant about Guru Maharaji, the boy guru, who was gaining a lot of publicity in America at the time. She reluctantly accepted his invitation and the two stayed up all night talking about spirit and getting to know each other. All of the records with Father Yod’s participation were completely improvised, with no rehearsals or overdubs. It made the national circuit throughout the year. Father Yod. Part 1 – Ya Ho Wha 13 – I’m Gonna Take You Home – 1974 (Higher Key): The I’m Gonna Take You Home LP is Ya Ho Wha 13’s most iconic with Father Yod and his “mother angel,” Maukushla, in a tantric sex embrace as The Lovers card with plenty of primal psychedelia and an extra dash of Father Yod’s improvisational weirdness with buzzing insect noises and whistles. Tragedy struck shortly after the move, with Father Yod attempting to hang-glide off a 400-meter cliff, despite having zero experience. I say ironically because Yod died the same he said world was going to undergo massive destruction. Father Yod seems to have lived numerous lives before starting the restaurant. Followers carried Yod back to the house but prayer and meditation still found him dead later that day. In 2013 a documentary film called The Source Family, by co-directors Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulos, appeared at the South by Southwest Film Festival to rave reviews.

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