He shows us how innocence cannot be appreciated til you are experienced, but how experience completely taints any notion of innocence, and the same is with this precise film.

Innocence is a gorgeous composition of thought, sound and beauty which is utterly compelling to watch but challenges the viewing audience to a hard fought internal battle, raising questions within the viewer, in a William Blake-ish "Songs Of Innocence, Songs Of Experience" manner. I enjoy an original idea for a movie, one that makes you think, but if it is too obscure surely that defeats the object?

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But only perhaps. With Zoé Auclair, Lea Bridarolli, Bérangère Haubruge, Marion Cotillard. The children raise themselves and each other.

Online sources are still adding for Innocence. While undeniably engaging and engrossing it lacks a certain spark, becoming more concerned with the ideas than the progression of any one story, to the extent where the ideas will be ringing in your head for days afterwards, but lacking a sense of resolution.

There can't be many films that occupy your mind for many days afterwards, make you read the book they are based on, and then watch them again. But execute she does for a good portion of the film until the rather obvious over-the-top conclusion that fails to answer many of the questions raised earlier.That said, there is much to enjoy this film mainly due to its excellent cinemascope photography and the whole idea of an idyllic place where prepubescent girls are trained to be ballet dancers in order to enter the world as proper teenage women.Since this is a symbolist writing, one can also entertain thoughts of purgatory (the characters are brought into being via a coffin), isolated same-sex societies (with one old man that is never explained), or some of the themes M. Night Shymalan explored in "The Village" with fear being used to keep a small population under control.In any case, this film will provoke much discussion afterwards so bring your most knowledgeable cinema pals and dig in. There was great imagery and the use of sound to create a mysterious environment was very well done. Everyone has been a child. Also says that there is no violence and nothing offensive in it. When night falls, the older girls, who are on the threshold of womanhood, are then given mysterious, life-changing lessons. Everyone has been forced to live in a society with some features one is not so ready to live with. The final title, "for Gaspar" (Noe, director of IRREVERSIBLE), hints at the pedigree of the makers of this quite fascinating study of young girls on the cusp of adolescence.Benoit Debie, the cinematographer of IRREVERSIBLE, shot the film.Six year old Iris (Zoe Auclair) arrives at her new country school in a coffin. Innocence explores the period in girls' lives before they lose their Innocence and start adulthood. It is based on a book by Frank Wedekind called "Mine-Haha or the corporeal education of girls", the only published fragment of his unfinished novel "Hildalla". Amazing. At an unusual private school for girls, new students, including young Iris, show up in coffins. "Innocence" is one of those films and it is both beautiful and intriguing at the same time.

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