nice tutorial but same question as above ? is this all on one file? how to send data of dropdown menu in database using ajax and jquery. Hai… Great tutorial , { But my dropdown values are not coming from api when i am appending dropdown field by clicking Add button.Can you help me??? In code where use it?(depart). then what i have to do? In this course you will learn how to populate a dropdown list based on the value of another dropdown list. I'll name mine dbConfig.php. You need to define keyup event on the textbox and pass the entered value as data in AJAX request.

but not the value of selected last drop-down for further SQL query.

there must be some syntax mistake. } How ever the data is displayed on the page. // add ur value You are life saver.

And, please let me know through reply or email. At least by me! Setup your database first. the second select don’t work and in getUsers.php it show the following error AND you can connect using this php code }

Line 17: by default the states select list is hidden so we now show it, Line 18: we present a 'Loading...' message while the ajax call is being processed below, Line 21: the URL of the page we are sending the data to (we have yet to create this page), Line 22: the dataType that we are expecting back from our request. }); }); Great and very explanatory tutorial, thanks. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.

This is amazing. html += ”; is it possible to do the same with 3 drop down and fetch the value from 3 different tables using ?

Table sql file is attached in the tutorial download. You can download the SQL dump here or create your own tables based on the above relationship diagram. Lines 11 to 13: we loop through the results and build up a list for the state dropdown. // Get details } ?? coding of login.php

Destination after change the dropdown boxes how i get the amount in the textbox in ajax jquery method The $_POST[‘depart’] is been POST from the jQuery script and on it, basis fetch user list according to the department id. I started this blog to interact with like-minded people. I Learn to dropdown onchange event is very confusing for new web developers. Nice tutorial but I am facing such a problem count = count + 1;

please change to $sql = “SELECT id,name FROM users WHERE department=”$departid”; Hi Ragu, Is youtube-dl takedown due to their tests which use copyrighted content?

if(error == ”) url: “fetch_attenuation.php”,

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