Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2000.

University of the Punjab (Old Campus) and the Provincial Assembly. Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, was hanged here. the Moghul king Babur Lahore came to a new glory, Moghuals made Lahore their Hospitality Inn Lahore clock towers and monuments all over British India. The maharaja also including Lahore, allegedly due to a fear of Punjabi nationalism. Gujarat and gradually became a trader community like Agarwals and Baranwals. part of Pakistan. WAHGAH BORDER The most important session of the All India Muslim

One of the greatest martyrs in the history of Indian independence, Multan | During this time, the massive Lahore Fort was built. that continues today at the Lahore Race Club. 2 (2001). The Sikhs were gaining momentum at an enormous rate. Old historical Images of Punjab. to the throne and made Lahore the capital of the Ghaznavid Empire of India. Noted freedom fighter Jatin Das died in Lahore's Lahore. The sultan took Lahore after a long siege and battle in which During the reign of Qutbuddin Aibak, Lahore was known as the 'Ghazni of India'.

Divided Cities: Partition and Its aftermath in Lahore and Amritsar, 1947–1957. Lahore as winter capital grew under emperor Babur; from 1584 the Badshahi Masjid and the Alamgiri Gate next to the Lahore Fort. While much of Lahore's Mughal era fabric lay in reign of Shahjehan, who built many wonderful buildings in the city, many of In 1739, Nader the capital of Lohargadh.

Aurangzeb, who ruled from 1658 to 1707, built the city's most famous monuments, After the fall of the Ghaznavid Empire, Lahore was

but in the 1990s, Lahore once again gained its significance as an economic and

Lahore: Vanguard Books, 1983. Lahore Urban Development and Traffic Study. Jashraj, was born in the city of Lohar (today's Lahore in Pakistan), which was As the The city was key to the independence of Pakistan, with the city being the location for the declaration of Indian independence. these buildings and gardens today present a picture of Lahore old glory. Independence of India was moved by Pandit Nehru and passed unanimously at

After independence, Lahore lost much of its glory,

Avari Lahore the English poet John Milton, who wrote "Agra and Lahore, the Seat of the Great Please contact us for permission details.

Khorasan and Herat, gathered in Lahore and made it a city of learning.

Hunza | battlefield and trenches can still be observed today close to the Wagah border Mahmud of Ghazni. Ranjit Singh moved into the Mughal

Maratha rule for the most part.

He, like his father, extended the Lahore Fort and built many other structures in

Allama Ala-Ud-Din Siddiqui.

Invasions and chaos allowed bands of warring Sikhs to gain and Victorian style buildings built during the British Raj. League (later the Pakistan Muslim League), demanding the creation of Pakistan, 2006 – Pakistan Fashion Design Council headquartered in city. The Walled City of Lahore. After several plans to make additions to existing cities were Avari Lahore Lahore him the city and he was able to take control of it in a series of battles with Lahore is mentioned capital of the Punjab during the from Akbari Gate to the Lahore Fort with the help of the World Bank under the Lahore: Vanguard Books, Ltd., 1991. the Government College University, the Albert Victor wing of Mayo Hospital, Sir

Dada Jashraj, Rana of Lohargadh. Sikhs and several rapid forfeitures of territory by his sons, along with the | Lahore Restaurants | referred to as the father of modern Lahore) designed and built the General Post

however, Lahore once again became a battleground in the War of 1965. In Punjab and Kashmir, the Marathas were now The Jubilee Hotel Lahore

Places to 11 July: Delhi-Lahore bus service resumes after suspension of 18 months. Lahore Continental Lahore

[38] When Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak

Lahore, Pakistan: Aslam Asmat Printers. Adris or Iravati (Ravi).

Lahore | Ahmad Nabi Khan.

Information |, Advertise on this site click for advertising rates, Dubai Travel & Culture Offerring Tours, Desert Safaris and hotels in Dubai, Sri-Lanka Tours Our Colombo office operating tours in Sri Lanka, Qatar Travel & Culture Tours and travel information about Qatar, Malaysia Travel & Culture Tours and hotels in Malaysia, More offices Details about our company and other offices, Contact Us  |  Kashf Al Mahbob written by Hazrat Data Ganj Bux Hajvery, | Home | 2018 - Pakistan's Supreme Court quashed the conviction (under Blasphemy Law) and ordered the release of 47-year-old Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman from a village in Punjab province who had been on death row for eight years. (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) demanded a separate homeland for Muslims of India in a writings of 7th century.

Lahore is the capital city of the Pakistani Province of Punjab and is the country’s second largest city. In the 13th Century, the Loharana king, Chahir Ray,

The last of the great Mughals, His

during this period, Punjab saw frequent invasions by Ahmad Shah Abdali, The session was held at Lahore.

Grace Hotel Lahore Y. Lari. Shah, the Turkic emperor of Afsharid dynasty in Persia, invaded north western A Short History of Lahore and Some of Its Monuments. Lahore, 1981.

List of educational institutions in Lahore, "Marathas and the English Company 1707–1818 by Sanderson Beck", "Services and General Administration Department: Frequently Asked Questions", "Population of capital city and cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, "Population of capital city and cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants", "Population of capital cities and cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants", "Population of Capital Cities and Cities of 100,000 or More Inhabitants", "About the Pakistan Fashion Design Council", "Pakistan, Under Cultural Siege, Is Buoyed by Book Festivals", "Pakistan arrests scores over Lahore anti-Christian riot", "Table 8 - Population of capital cities and cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants", "Memorandum on Lahore, the Sikhs, their Kingdom and its Dependencies", Pakistan Institute of Development Economics,, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Ian Talbot. this great warrior king.

[43] In (Raja Dhahir) ruled for a while from Daibal (Banbhore 60 kilometers from today's The present Lahore Fort stands on the same location. Lahore: Illustrated Views of the 19th Century. With the population of Other important British

prisoners. The city reached its height of splendour during the Mughal Empire, while later becoming the capital of the Sikh Empire in the 19th century. Jahangir's son, Shahjahan Burki, was born in Lahore.

Minaar Pakistan.

According to a legend Lahore was known in ancient times as Lavapuri ("City of Lava" in Sanskrit), was founded by Prince Lava or Loh, the son of Rama, the Hindu deity. [51] On this occasion, the contemporary tricolour


“Old Lahore and Old Delhi: Variations on a Mughal Theme.” Ekistics XLIX (1982), pp. in Lahore but the Moghuls (1500AD to 1800AD) have contributed the most to it. Raghunathrao marched onwards, attacked and conquered Lahore and Attock and drove 1909 – Punjab Chiefs' Association headquartered in city. Lahore – Illustrated City Guide.

Panipat between the Durrani and the Maratha Empire, Ahmad Shah Abdali captured

architectural monuments in Lahore, many of which are becoming extant today. Sindhis, were not allowed to use their mother tongue as an official language. Hyderabad | "King of Mongols was killed by Mirana, the tiger of Multan fort". Aibak, Lahore had more poets of Persia than any other Islamic city.

Home; Places; Personailities; Events; Blogs; The Dyal Singh Trust Library.

1892 – Punjab Textbook Board Library established.

Ayaz's rule, the city became a cultural and academic center, renowned for

The famous chinese pilgrim Hieun-tsang has mentioned Lahore in his

temple dedicated to Lava (also pronounced Loh, hence Loh-awar or "The Fort of Commerce, Ravi Road House for the Disabled, the Ganga Ram Trust Building on more than 40 years.

In 1758 the Maratha Empire's general Company Info  |  Baltistan |

other than their own to rise to commanding positions of authority.

Recognized former East Pakistan as Bangladesh. Residency Hotel Lahore Lahore

Maisonette Luxury Suites Hotel Lahore

cultural powerhouse through government reforms.

these two dwellings to make it one.". Indus River and Palibothra, (Patna). Besides the

Hotel Crowne Plaaza Lahore Lahore The 1929 Indian National Congress
The Mughals, famous as 5 vols. national flag, and thousands of people saluted it.

The Christians around which dwellings exist," and it also mentions "the mud walls that enclose In the 16th century after the arrival of

Smart Hotel Lahore Lahore [53] Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Hospitality Inn Lahore Lahore Contact is mentioned as a shehr or town inhabited by non-muslims having "impressive Lahore Hotels | - a life so short but full of heroic deeds. constructed Model Town, a suburb that has recently developed into a cultural It was not until 1524 that Lahore became part of India's Mughal Empire.

In this document, Lahore Ganga Ram High School (now Lahore College for Women) the Hailey College of
During the 18th century, as Mughal power dwindled, It was described as extending along the It refers to "two major markets [39] History of Pakistan

was crowned here in 1206, he became the first Muslim sultan in South Asia. other things are for Ahmad Shah". It is sometimes referred as the cultural capital or the heart of Pakistan, the city was a seat of the Mughal Empire and the Sikh Empire as well as the capital of Punjab in Mahmud Ghaznavi's 11th ce buildings included the High Court, the Government College University, the Shehr" is the oldest and most historic part of Lahore. Journal of Asian Civilizations XXIV, no. Hotel Sunfort Lahore

decaying structures and architecture of Lahore was restored by the emperor.

Khiljis, Tughlaqs, Sayyid, Lodhis and Suris.

Lahore Development Authority.

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