The system works with a Doppler radar that determines the ground speed of the aircraft, and an AWADS computer programmed with special flight route information (start point, route, checkpoints, wind speed and direction, and air speed). Primary and alternate routes are based on detailed map and aerial photo study, ground reconnaissance, and data from agent reports. After reviewing MEYF-T factors, it may be determined that surprise is more important than speed, or vice versa. var script = document.createElement("script"); This may determine the number, size, and locations of DZs and LZs. Other factors are size of landing zones, surface conditions, ground slopes, approach and departure directions, prevailing winds, obstacles, communications, cross-loading, aircraft command and control, PZ and LZ markings, and rehearsals. Tidal conditions and PZ size must be considered. c. Escape and evasion plans should be based on three phases: PHASE ONE: That portion of the insertion following entry into the hostile zone where personnel survival and recovery is the only thing considered. Procedures and techniques are similar to land DZ operations. Terrain such as mountains, swamps, or heavy forests favors land infiltration. Parce que la vie des hommes et des femmes engagés pour notre sécurité est primordiale, a sélectionné toute une gamme d'accessoires indispensables aux soins en terrain hostile tels que les garrots tourniquet CAT, les produits RevMedX ou encore les produits SAM Medical. If not, then he must try to evade and escape enemy capture if unable to link up and be extracted with the rest of the ranger force.

(c) Conduct a reconnaissance of the linkup point. They are used by elements that cannot link up or assemble in the primary assembly area. They quickly place the ranger force on, or close to, the objective. Shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles may be used to defend against enemy aircraft threatening the extraction. The ranger force must rehearse all aspects of the amphibious insertion. It protects them from visually tracked enemy antiaircraft guns and non-all-weather fighters. (e) Personnel must be briefed on terrain through use of photographs, maps, and terrain models. There should be other plans to deny the enemy knowledge of the insertion besides the water approach route plan. (3) Lead reconnaissance teams or scout swimmer teams may be used to plant radar, radio, or infrared buoys, or distinct, shielded lights.

If they are used, enemy ADA sites normally have priority. Rangers may rely solely on air-land operations for insertion. Air-land insertions normally begin after a ranger Army assault team (AAT) and a USAF CCT have parachuted into the initial objective area and conducted reconnaissance, clearing, marking, and security operations.

f. Diversionary actions such as airstrikes in other than the target areas. k. Contingency planning. Site selection in or near the objective must be coordinated in person between the supported ranger commander and the aviation commander. (4) Escape and evasion plans for ranger elements should include avoiding contact with the local civilians. Sand tables are useful to acquaint personnel with insertion sites and surrounding terrain. Gilets tactiques, chest rigs et portes-plaques 5.11 Tactical, En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous devez accepter l’utilisation et l'écriture de Cookies sur votre appareil connecté. Key personnel may carry and jump with their own radios, and also display color-coded pennants on the radio antennas. The use of sand tables and terrain models during the issuance of prejump orders and briefings enhances an orderly and speedy tactical assembly. >> Voir tous les produits de la catégorie "Couteaux & Outils". Time length of the air train is shortened. Boats may be equipped with radar reflectors or beacons to permit accurate tracking. e. Loading plan. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { Extraction of the air-landed ranger force is normally planned and accomplished like an insertion, only in reverse order. There are always plans to deny the enemy knowledge of the ranger unit's insertion, or to deceive him as to the location or intent of the operation. The ranger force commander is responsible for--. Ces Cookies (petits fichiers texte) permettent de suivre votre navigation, actualiser votre panier, vous reconnaitre lors de votre prochaine visite et sécuriser votre connexion. This plan supports the air movement plan and provides for the pickup zone (PZ) setup and control. Actions at the objective serve as the basis for the landing and assault plan, the plan for insertion and movement, the loading plan, and the plan for marshalling. The location of the assembly area and the plan for extraction are important parts of stay-behind plans. During air assault operations, the ground commander is responsible for the overall process. (3) The distance to friendly lines is short. Insertion and Extraction. ou encore... >> Voir tous les produits de la catégorie "Vêtements Militaires". As in airborne operations, ranger reconnaissance teams, as well as specially trained CCT elements, can jump before the air-land aircraft arrive. distribue toute une gamme de produits indispensables à l'évacuation des victimes. (1) Extraction is best conducted without enemy pressure. Plans may include primary I alternate means of extraction. (2) When detection is likely and the mission depends on getting to the objective before the enemy can react, speed becomes crucial to the success of the insertion. They may then orbit, pending recall, or return at a prearranged time.

Fire support and suppression are important and include suppressing enemy air defense by deception, ruses, or decoys. A ranger force can be positioned behind enemy lines by employing the stay-behind technique. In-flight rigging requires detailed planning, coordination, of all jumpers. This type of operation is normally conducted during limited visibility. Most USAF aircraft cannot conduct air-land operations in total instrument weather conditions. Centralized coordination must ensure that units are acting IAW cover and deception plans. (3) Drop site, where the ranger force will depart the primary craft and load into smaller boats. He has control over all arriving, taxiing, and departing aircraft (fixed-wing or rotary) through the CCT, which locates near him. Patrol … If there is any chance of a successful rescue, these forces continue to try to retrieve rangers escaping from an enemy-held area. On long-range operations involving extended flight time to the objective area, personnel may rig in flight. Notre boutique vous propose une très large choix de gilets tactiques et de holsters. Limited visibility relies mainly on compasses and audible and visual assembly aids. This form of insertion combines helicopters and small boats in the same operation. (2) Avoiding obstacles, populated areas, silhouetting (when forced to cross obstacles or ridge lines), enemy positions, main avenues of approach, and movement along often used routes and trails. The timing of the insertion is crucial with respect to weather, the enemy, and if an insertion craft is available.

Most of the planning is based on the ground tactical plan, followed by the air movement plan to support it. It is the first critical phase of a ranger operation. The fire support plan must support the other plans. Rigging of individual equipment must be IAW FM 57-220. These elements continue with the mission once assembled.

(function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//"); Insertion is the entrance of a ranger force into a hostile area to execute a particular mission. Other aspects of landing and assembling are the same as discussed for helicopter insertions. This is normal when the enemy has total air control or effective air defenses in the operational area to be penetrated, or when the objective is close to friendly territory. The teams are cross-loaded as complete elements on aircraft delivering other units whose flight path crosses the desired locations. Ranger elements are usually assembled and loaded into the small boats within 20 minutes of the last ranger entering the water. This includes overhead photography and ground sources to ensure that the initial planning data are still current.

(3) Security may be enhanced with the aid of devices such as night vision goggles and night sights. Once beyond the FEBA, inserting units may be beyond the range of conventional indirect fire. j. All unit members must move in quickly, consistent with security, so that the unit may proceed to the objective rally point (ORP) and on to the objective. To meet its need for current intelligence, the ranger force also relies on aerial reconnaissance and surveillance of the terrain over which it will move.

c. In getting information and intelligence data, OPSEC measures are stringent and must be enforced.

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c. Assembly area. a. Insertion plans are based on timely and accurate intelligence. a.

(1) Beaches. The exact location of an LZ is determined after a detailed analysis of METT-T. Rehearsals are important. script.setAttribute("src", "//"); Every ranger must be briefed on the unit's plan should enemy contact be made upon landing.

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