This mix of constancy and variability does a great job of making you feel more confident with each mission while simultaneously keeping you on your toes. Meanwhile, the cops come at you, and you gun them down in droves. The guy on the radio might not believe you when you pretend to be the guard you just knocked out. Payday 2 brings crime to life with an alluring intensity that entertains in spite of some rough edges. For a game this potentially complicated, you're best off with three friends. A security camera might spot you at a distance. It helps set the mood of the game.Visuals:Nothing to really complain about but for an Xbox One edition, I expected something a little sharper and defined.Ga... Read Full Review, I bought Payday 2 because the game is in promotion, but I've never had an interest in playing, well I had a day that my cousin played a lot, and I ended up having fun with the game, there are enough problems, the graphic... Read Full Review, Guys I need a mod for payday 2 where can you brat several things at once like igredience the cook off or gas in slaughterhouse. Payday 2 is a satisfying and deep heist game that manages to overcome its disappointing graphics and stupid characters to offer endless missions where anything can happen if you can keep your wits about you. The systems and mechanics all have small flaws and limitations, but they come together to set the stage for exciting heists that you'll want to pull again and again. PayDay 2 review By Adam Rosenberg August 16, 2013 PayDay 2 Score Details “Although it could perhaps have used a bit more time in development, Overkill Software delivers a satisfying co … The Mastermind can deploy a doctor bag to let teammates heal and can choose to improve how he handles pistols or assault rifles, how he interacts with civilians and hostages, and even whether he can intimidate or convert enemies. The Xbox 360 is the runner-up thanks to the prevalent headsets, while the PlayStation 3 lags far behind with very few talkative players. The action itself is fairly simple, with responsive first-person shooter mechanics focused around dealing with police and enemy mobsters. Payday 2 is a game about the moment slowly passing by. Microsoft Adds Touch Controls to 10 More Xbox Games on xCloud Service, How Rogue Spawned the Notoriously Difficult 'Roguelike' Game Genre, Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Available on Google Stadia at Launch, 6 Genshin Impact Tips That'll Help You Survive Teyvat, Buy a New Apple Device, Get 3 Months of Apple Arcade for Free, Amazon Echo Dot With Clock (4th Generation) Review. On tougher jobs, there is more loot to grab than you can easily get away with, tempting you to try to hold out a bit longer to get a fatter payday. Heists are fun.

Some are stand-alone gigs, like bank heists, store robberies, and nightclub burglaries, while others span multiple days and involve stealing art, cooking meth, transporting drugs, dealing with gang members, and stealing from senators. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices?

Each gun is customizable with attachments and, in some cases, different parts like barrels and receivers. We'll begin emailing you updates about %gameName%.

However, the multiplayer is equal to that o... Read Full Review, Before the addition of microtransactions, I would have given Payday 2 a nine, however due to the addition of microtransactions, it's just a four.Developers of the game need to revert the game back to the stage of before ... Read Full Review, Pros:-Different heists with different Difficulty levels (Normal , Hard , Very Hard , Overkill , Death wish , Pro Jobs)-Not bad singleplayer (a little repetitive) and Great Multiplayer-Many Masks you can get from Heists-C... Read Full Review, You may think the 5/10 is harsh but personally as an Xbox 360 owner I don't care, When I first bought this game I enjoyed it even though the mission variety was a bit samey & the AI was still a bit hit & miss, M... Read Full Review, i have only played the demo so far but just from that i can see it needs some work,for starters who in their right minds goes to rob a bank half ass ready and stuck with a mask that you can not take off ?this screws up ... Read Full Review, Pay Day 2, where to begin..I played Pay Day once or twice, I can't quite remember why I didn't play it more often after buying it - Maybe something else came out at the time that sucked my attention away and I just never... Read Full Review.

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