It's the type of song that you have to like! TOTALLY should be in the top five, I love the instruments and the tune and everything is just so amazing! Why this song wasn't in the top ten? Selena Gomez & The Scene - "Love You Like a Love Song". I especially like the chorus part.

So goes to show we love it. You will love it! This song is totally unique. Please listen to it and I'm sure you will love it. Selena Gomez felt pressure to be more 'adult' with second album Revival, Tina Turner on course for her first new UK Top 40 hit since 2004, Cassette sales more than double in 2020: See the Top 20 best-sellers, At least there's plenty to keep us entertained indoors over the next few weeks , The new album from Autechre, SIGN, lands at Number 1 on this week's Official UK Dance Albums Chart @, Internet Money claim UK Number 1 single with Lemonade, Daniel O'Donnell extends UK chart record with three decades of hit albums, The Vamps’ Cherry Blossom blooms at Number 1: ‘This is insane!’, Justin Bieber claims highest new entry on Official Irish Singles Chart, The Vamps score highest new entry on Official Irish Albums Chart, This week's new releases: Ariana Grande, Bruce Springsteen, KSI & Craig David, more, Future Islands explain powerful meaning behind The Painter on new album, Yungblud interview: 'New track Cotton Candy is like a shag for your ears'.

It Ain't Me is Selena's most streamed tune, notching up over 96 million plays, and is her biggest song in the UK overall, amassing 1.06 million combined chart sales. I love this song and I love Selena... Nabeel.

Thank you Selena for writing this song. Let's look at some songs perfect for the summer. Selena Gomez is my 2nd favorite singer.

This song should be at least in top 3! On my birthday I played it on repeat!

Love the beat, tune... Everything rocks! 7. I hope Selena Gomez will right a songs in her future career that will inspire many people. At the back-end of 2019, Selena returned after an absence of a year with back with Lose You to Love Me, and now she releases her long-awaited third solo studio album, Rare, which comes over four years after its predecessor, Revival. To celebrate her return, we crunched the numbers to find her biggest songs in the UK according to physical sales, downloads, and streams. I love the tune of it her voice just sounds so echoed witch goes together with the song perfectly.Another thing I like about it is that if you really think about it it tells a really interesting story the only thing that I really want her to do is do another video for it don't get me wrong I like the original video but I feel like movies could use it and she could do another video. She sends me a different message no matter how many times I listen her songs (SHE IS THE BEST! Her voice in the beginning of the music video really brings out emotion. You can really hear songwriter Charli XCX's fingerprints all over it. Like a godess, Yeah! Selena Gomez has been a fixture of the charts for about a decade, and, when it comes to the glare of the media, boy, has she been through it – high profile relationships, one of the largest Instagram followings of anyone in the world, and a kidney transplant as a result of living with lupus. That is not a unique path, to be sure, and it's what an artist does after making that jump from kid cutie to adult artist that truly matters.

Thanks Selena for such a lovely song. Love Selena. Who won't like this song? Love you. Selena Gomez's 27th birthday is today, July 22, and before we launch into her best songs to date, can we take a moment to appreciate her maturation? I love the way she sings her voice is sweet.

Gomez's pain is so relatable and clear as she sings about the woman her man prefers. I love this song very much and love Selena Gomez.

love you sele, all the best! This song should be at number 1! How can you NOT like this?

You go girl! Selena has always been very canny when picking collab partners – nine songs in her 20 most popular hits alone are team-ups, not including songs released with The Scene. It's such a good song. This is her best song yet, the beats are crazy, the lyrics are powerful and commands attention. She inspires me so much. I love Selena Gomez she is amazing. I'd have to say this is the best one right up there with A Year Without Rain.

Best Song ever! It so scary! Gomez has never sounds so grown and vulnerable as she does on this Revival album closer. She has really great songs.

It gets stick in your head very easily and it has a haunting feeling to it. Her voice brings out all the emotions! the beats are awesome and the way the music video is placed in the karaoke scene is awesome!

"Back To You," released in 2018, was an emotional doozy that hit listeners right in the gut.

Appearing on her 2014 compilation album For You, "Slow Down" is one of the catchiest highlights, with flirty lyrics, "If you want me, I'm accepting applications/ So long as we keep this record on rotation," and an instrumental drop after the chorus that is pure electro-pop heaven. Hit The Lights is not just a love song! It was the best I ever heard in my life.

This song is very nice I love you selena. Since making her Official Chart debut in April 2010, Selena Gomez has racked up 16 Top 40 singles, of which five have gone Top 10, plus five Top 40 albums. Ross Golan, Stargate, and Benny Blanco also helped create this killer tune. So emotional and beautiful.

'Stars Dance' would have been much more successful with this sons on it.I just love this song.This one is one of the best songs that Selena has ever made.I love Selena Gomez and her songs.Nabeel, This song is just amazing!

I can't believe how many times I listen to this song EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hear this song everyday. Selena has always moved effortlessly from rocky songs to R&B-tinged tracks and onto dance – and back again – and in 2017 she matched her previous personal chart peak on another winning collaboration.

I love her actions to it and the raps! This song is so touching! Gone is the childlike sheen, although she's still playful and cheeky. Top 10 Cute Characters You Would Most Like a Toy Plush Of, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. But then I heard come and get it...This is one of her best songs, kudos to the producer!
It is Selena's first song to receive 'critical acclaim' from critics, and for the first time critics praised her vocals, and also its dark sound- And her performance at the AMA's has been praised by critics, fans, and other celebrities that were moved by her performance.

Listeners were skeptical when they heard that Gomez's new single sampled the Talking Heads bassline from "Psycho Killer," but when it was finally released, it was clear that it was a good track. She did a great job and her voice is very special. Round and Round and Round Whoo-hoo! One day I want to be like her. The musical progression mirrors the lyrics, starting bare and almost timid and slowly building in strength and confidence.

This Selena Gomez song captures everything there is to love about her from start to finish. won Best Mexican/American Album at the 1994 Grammy Awards. Her first platinum song.

This song has all that pop and music one needs when he's feeling low! I used to watch the video over and over again! It has a nice, memorable haunting feel to it.

Ondertussen is Selena een volwassen vrouw en is ze te zien in serieuzere films (Spring Breakers, Getaway) en timmert ze flink aan de weg als zangeres. Grund genug für uns einen Blick auf ihre Karriere zu … This is the one you put on when you're getting dressed for your super hot date and you just feelin' yourself so hard, it's almost x-rated.

My teacher came and shouted all other was looking at me in a bad way. But it is great. The song always warms me when I hear it on the radio. Great song and great album. I was going to sing this song!

Well, I used to like selena an then her music just didn't interest me at all. This sing brings the little dancing man out to show off what he's got. “Same Old Love” is one of those songs you feel in your bones the moment it begins. Fans were a bit taken aback when "Fetish" dropped back in 2017. Her voice is so magical in this song and it gives me goosebumps! I thought about the song who says and I got an energy. It shows that Selena enjoys her birthdays a lot and every night is her birthday! This should be in the top tens. Over here it got to 15. She's the best singer ever. I love it. I was shocked to fond out this wasn't going to be a Single on the album entitled the same. In 2013, Gomez was stepping out on her own with her debut solo album Stars Dance. I can hear this song again and again it seems as if she is singing the song for the person listening to her she looks great in the end of the video and her voice hypnotizes you. She should make MUCH more songs like this. I LOVE Selena Gomez! 'You got a fetish for my love'.love love selena. I think this should be at number 1! Selena truely channels her inner goddess here. I just wonder how could this be number 59. The song also came with a wickedly fun video set up as a karaoke session, also featuring outlandish clips of Gomez hoola-hooping, driving in a virtual world, and being washed away by treats after hitting a piñata. It is full of emotion and anyone can relate to this song, because I'm 20 years old, born in the year 1992 and lives in Philippines.

13. Shout out young Ms. Gomez for pushing one of the most positive agendas we've heard in pop music in the last decade. Gomez, for her part, has done an incredible job. 9. Fun fact: the song was originally shopped to Rihanna for her LP Talk That Talk, but became Gomez' hit when the Barbadian singer passed. Often called the Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla made her music debut in 1980 at 9 years old, as part of the band Selena y Los Dinos—a group with her older siblings A.B. It's a song to dance to. It's about getting over a boyfriend or someone that you love. The lusty-dreamy sounds with edgy riffs it makes it so unique and the lyrics are amazing. It has amazing lyrics.

I love this song! ..

This song should be in the top ten! But He waits in front of my class everyday, I see him when I enter. It's already amassed 34m streams and shifted 300,000 combined chart sales. Selena teamed up with Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo – now even more famous for his reworking of Whitney Houston's Higher Love –  for this tropical house-inspired breakup song, and reached Number 7. This was the first song I ever heard by Selena, and I instantly fell in love with anything that she wrote I love her, but not her boyfriends at least as a person he has SOME good songs. It showcases every facet of her musical personality, and most of all, it's really fun to listen to. And that's before we even start on the music. Kygo with Selena Gomez - “It Ain't Me”. The intro of this video is one of the most instantly arresting video intros. It is one of her best songs as it is very emotional and the words mean a lot.

Selena Gomez - “The Heart Wants What it Wants”. ©2020 Official Charts Company. Just look at the lyrics and listen to the way she sings!

And the lyrics are even more perfect. The beginning part is catchy and the rest of the song is so awesome.

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