0000638966 00000 n The changes also allowed the introduction of a longer 'National' course, which utilised a new right hand turn off the Club Straight (later named Brooklands) and right hander onto the chicane, forming what became known as the Luffield Complex. 0000545399 00000 n 0000602355 00000 n Road access is good along the A43 dual carriageway from either the M40 or M1. 0000009436 00000 n 0000635968 00000 n 0000636318 00000 n 0000641403 00000 n Further significant redevelopment happened over the winter of 1990, designed to take the circuit through the 1990s. Partner With Us, Driver’s University Infrastructure changes around the circuit improved access, with a four lane entry road completed in 2002 as an ancillary project to the joining of the M1 and M40 motorways nearby. 0000558119 00000 n 0000644566 00000 n 0000587005 00000 n 0000634680 00000 n

0000557295 00000 n 0000545887 00000 n 0000644048 00000 n 0000008919 00000 n The Racing Line at Silverstone - International Circuit. We’ve created a database of hundreds of track and test dates, Silverstone included, in one easy to use table. 0000634192 00000 n 161 months. 0000033944 00000 n 2,355 posts. The national circuit continued to bypass the chicane, as did the motorcycle course. 0000556246 00000 n 0000558952 00000 n 0000554827 00000 n 0000635611 00000 n 0000634117 00000 n 0000545273 00000 n That resulted in the start of the track being relocated between the Club corner and Abbey corner, but only for the Formula 1 races. 0000644757 00000 n A new South Course was created, running from Abbey back round to Chapel Curve, which could be run simultaneously with the National or Club circuits, though with no pit facilities to speak of was only used for school use or testing purposes. The pits and paddock assumed their familiar location between Woodcote and Copse, the start/finish line also moving to this new location accordingly. 0000587570 00000 n 0000585535 00000 n

0000645097 00000 n

Want to get faster and feel in total control on the limit?

By the time the F1 stars arrived for 1987 - the race again skipping a year at Brands Hatch - dramatic changes had been made to Woodcote. � w��FX��Q��?

0000639992 00000 n 0000584825 00000 n Luffield is one of the slower corners of Silverstone GP and it requires lots of patience as it continues for a long time. Silverstone in Northamptonshire is universally known as the “Home of British Motorsport, having celebrated its 70thanniversary in 2018. 0000584443 00000 n Driver Training Programmes 0000632328 00000 n Quickly following turn one at Silverstone is the equally fast Farm corner. Silverstone - National Circuit. Motorcycle | SILVERSTONE GP TRACK MAP. 0000602872 00000 n It became one of the most-used circuits, with many national championships preferring it to the longer Grand Prix circuit. After the speed of turns one and two comes Silverstone GP’s slowest corners.

0000636824 00000 n 0000624764 00000 n We have a list of certified instructors to make you faster at Silverstone here. The fastest lap record set during the Grand Prix is held by Fernando Alonso (1:30.874) driving a Ferrari in 2010. 0000584293 00000 n Not only did he pull off a minor miracle, Brown remained firmly at the helm for nearly 40 years, guiding Silverstone's transformation from austerity to world-class facility. 0000546011 00000 n With Donington Park being used as a storage area for the military, Brooklands being owned by Vickers Armstrong with its inevitable focus on aircraft and Crystal Palace in a state of disrepair, the Royal Automobile Club began searching for new venues. Overtaking opportunities are a dime a dozen on this layout. 0000032785 00000 n In 1961 the BRDC acquired the lease to the agricultural land both within and around the circuit, increasing the opportunities for future development. 0000657095 00000 n At the end of the first lap, a youthful Jody Scheckter lost control of his McLaren at Woodcote, spinning into the pit wall. Vale is a slow speed left-right which is important to getting a good lap time, as it leads on to the new start-finish straight. Plenty of accidents happen on the exit of Woodcote, when drivers take the wrong line and lift – resulting in a spin towards the inside wall. Original Poster. Welcome to our circuit guide to Silverstone GP, one of the world’s best and well known race tracks. There are a few different lines you can take, however, the focus should always be on your exit speed. 0000558738 00000 n To accommodate Bernie Ecclestone's demands, a new Wing-like pit and paddock complex was to be built between Copse and Abbey, with the circuit swooping infields to a new 'Arena' complex before rejoining the existing circuit on the former Club Straight, now renamed in honour of the Wellington bombers which once took off along it. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our newsletters. The new layout included the new pit building with 40 places, the Silverstone Wing, was completed at the exit of the corner.

Overtaking opportunities are a dime a dozen on this layout. Made for you by SnapLap.

0000032419 00000 n The drivers from various racing series like Silvestone Circuit and many of them cited that Silverstone is one of their favorite tracks, especially because of its exciting and challenging high speed corners.

Most other championships tend to use the original pits and start and finish locations. 0000009353 00000 n 0000584631 00000 n

0000650558 00000 n 0000034310 00000 n 0000603022 00000 n

0000562018 00000 n 0000588132 00000 n 0000556988 00000 n

0000558829 00000 n 0000558383 00000 n 0000544615 00000 n

0000025351 00000 n 0000614268 00000 n In 1950, the first Formula 1 British Grand Prix was held and that was the first race of the newly-created World championship.

The new course debuted in 2010, although work to complete the new pit complex was completed in time for the 2011 Grand Prix. 0000020119 00000 n Silverstone International LENGTH: 1.85 miles. 0000604670 00000 n 0000009280 00000 n 0000535328 00000 n 0000637173 00000 n *PLEASE NOTE* The racing lines and simulations shown here are based on a simplified analysis that does not incorporate 3D effects such as camber and elevation, track irregularities, or surface conditions.

One of the contingent struck a sheep when it wandered onto the site, thereafter leading to the day's events being dubbed the Mutton Grand Prix... By the following year, there was official interest in creating a circuit from the runways. 153 0 obj <> endobj xref 153 273 0000000016 00000 n 0000614839 00000 n

0000563136 00000 n 0000632754 00000 n You’ll find a raw and pure racing experience competing in a single seater, which is the truest representation of a racing car. 0000633613 00000 n 0000603336 00000 n

0000634509 00000 n 0000552623 00000 n

0000544668 00000 n Here's what they are really named after: Things came to a head in 1985, when Keke Rosberg set a 160mph average lap speed in qualifying (despite a slow puncture) and three other cars posted laps of more than 159mph. During that time, just about every major form of motorsport has graced the tarmac, from F1, WEC and MotoGP, to BTCC, truck racing and even IndyCar! 0000560713 00000 n 0000535675 00000 n Map: Silverstone Circuit track layout. 0000643708 00000 n 0000640510 00000 n Therefore a good exit is critical is you want to put a good lap together. 0000588097 00000 n As a result of the circuit not being funded by the state, several other initiatives such as the Silverstone Business Park and Silverstone University Technical College have been created at the circuit, in addition to the high profile and modern Silverstone Wing building. 0000027289 00000 n 0000642931 00000 n Further significant investments were brought forward a year when a new Priory/Brooklands/Luffield complex was unveiled. 0000588207 00000 n Silverstone is the home of British Motorsport and although the track itself may differ substantially since the early years, the essence of Silverstone still remains unchanged.

0000628047 00000 n Sim Racing Videos 0000641047 00000 n 0000019890 00000 n

0000033583 00000 n 0000617072 00000 n 0000033197 00000 n Lotus 2-Eleven Supplied by . 0000647232 00000 n

You are welcome to suggest a resource for Silverstone - International Circuit. Learn how to create your own. 0000653865 00000 n Silverstone is in central England, approximately 90 minutes north of central London and 60 minutes south of Birmingham. 0000633258 00000 n Ferrari has most constructors’ wins (15) and is followed by McLaren (14) and Williams (10). 0000587288 00000 n

Woodcote is a ‘kink’ on to the old start/finish straight.

0000640626 00000 n 0000560279 00000 n hތ�MHTQ���yӼ��L:٘ME8�(ZQ-�F��l)+�Z�h��.���� F"��UM���J��EX�`"RQ-;w̢]�����s���*

0000583780 00000 n Address:Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN PH:+44 844 3728 200 Circuit type:Permanent road course Website: http://www.silverstone.co.uk From 1949, a switch to the permiter roads only was made, albeit with a chicane at Club Corner initially. 0000006767 00000 n 0000545525 00000 n The event, nonethless, was deemed a success and set Silverstone firmly on the motor racing map. Silverstone International Circuit Map.

Silverstone Circuit was opened in the early 1950s. Using both main runways and part of the perimeter roads, the course was laid out with oil barrels and straw bales, spectators held back from the track edge by nothing more robust than a rope line.

0000656839 00000 n 0000584974 00000 n 0000588022 00000 n 0000613781 00000 n

0000639820 00000 n This turned right after Maggots, through a fast chicane at Ireland and onto the South course, before turning back on itself at Abbey through a 180 degree hairpin. 0000031319 00000 n

This is a blank track map for Silverstone - International Circuit.

Silverstone International. 0000631910 00000 n If you’d like to make notes at your next track or test day, use one of our handy track map driver’s sheets here. Discussion. 0000643351 00000 n So it was that the first Grand Prix was run at the beginning of October 1948, though on a significantly different course to what would subsequently follow. 0000646381 00000 n The S-bend chicane was removed and replaced by a new sharp left-right bend on the approach.
The maximum speed recorded on the circuit was 310 km/h by Vitaly Petrov while driving for Renault F1 Team in 2011. trailer <]/Prev 662491/XRefStm 6435>> startxref 0 %%EOF 425 0 obj <>stream 0000562093 00000 n Trying to get to Silverstone? 0000637679 00000 n 0000585842 00000 n 0000602947 00000 n

Silverstone is a fantastic mix of high-speed and flowing corners, including the infamous Maggotts and Becketts complex which has to be one of the best sequences of corners you can find.

This post will be updated with new maps throughout the 2020 FORMULA 1 season. The cars were, as a consequence, slower through an unchanged Abbey, before swooping under the bridge and right through a new high-speed corner, up to the left-hander at Priory and back onto the Brooklands/Luffield complex before Woodcote, minus the need for the chicane, completed the lap. 0000552995 00000 n Next up is the heavy braking zone and medium-speed left-hander of Brooklands. By public transport, the nearest stations are Northampton, Banbury or Milton Keynes, both of which offer fast connections to destinations throughout the country. 0000655540 00000 n Valuable resources include: YouTube videos; Websites; PDFs ; Resources which are excellent demonstrations or discussions of the racing line at this circuit will be added to the page.

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