Organic Essential Oil: Star Anise

Herb: Rosemary Leaf C/S Candle Fragrance Oil: Orange Sherbet

Essential Oil: Anise, Egypt The recipes that are generated are the intellectual property of the creator. 38


83 Essential Oil: Coriander Leaf, Hungary Fragrance Oil: Cucumber Melon

Essential Oil: Rose, Otto, Bulgaria

Fragrance Oil: Pear Quince

Apricot Kernel Oil

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Globulus

Fragrance Oil: Amber Romance Victoria's Secret Type

For example, if you have a 3 pound mold, put 48 (3 x 16 ounces) in the "oils total" space just above.

Pomace Olive Oil Organic Essential Oil: Vetiver, India

Free online lye calculator for soap making.

Essential Oil: Lavender, Water Soluble

Coffee Oil, Green Essential Oil: Juniper Berry, Spain Clay: Kaolin, Violet

Organic Essential Oil: Patchouli, Madagascar

Fragrance Oil: Bamboo Musk Cleaning Essential Oil: Lemon (CP), USA


Fragrance Oil: Kitchen Herb BBW Type

Fragrance Oil: Peach Orchard

You will need to type the capacity of your mold in either ounces or grams in the for oils total just above. Organic Essential Oil: Cedarwood Atlas, Morocco


Fragrance Oil: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Essential Oil: Mandarin (CP), Italy Candle Fragrance Oil: Rosemary Williams Sonoma Type Organic Essential Oil: Geranium, Rose

Fragrance Oil: Dewberry

Organic Essential Oil: Juniper Berry, Bulgaria

Organic Essential Oil: Rosemary Cineol, Camphor

Organic Essential Oil: Cedarwood

Essential Oil: Clary Sage, Hungary

This site is a soap making online resource and platform for informal collective learning & fun social community. Organic Essential Oil: Sage, Hungary

Herb: Cornsilk Powder Fragrance Oil: White Chocolate Essential Oil: Geranium, Egypt Essential Oil: Lime (CP), USA

Fragrance Oil: Frankincense & Myrrh

Essential Oil: Clove Bud, Sri Lanka Organic Essential Oil: Lemongrass

Seabuckthorn Seed Total CO2 Extract Then, just hit calculate. Organic Essential Oil: Cypress Herb: Facial Steam Blend 17 Rice Bran Oil

Fragrance Oil: Vineyard Yankee Type

Exfoliant: Bamboo Powder (Banslochan)


43 Fragrance Oil: Aqua Reef Old Spice Type

Essential Oil: Cedarwood, Virginia

Organic Essential Oil: Basil, Madagascar

Ayurvedic Herb: Turmeric Powder Organic Essential Oil: White Sage, Canada 29


Organic Essential Oil: Hyssop, Bulgaria Candle Fragrance Oil: Hawaiian White Ginger Essential Oil: Black Pepper, India

Fragrance Oil: Melon Blossom Organic Essential Oil: Ravintsara

Fragrance Oil: Sugar Plum Fragrance Oil: Lavender

Floral Water: White Clover What are your ingredient amounts by percentage of total.

Essential Oil: Citronella (Java Type) SoapCalc provides you with the information you need to make soap in your own kitchen using all natural ingredients. Batch Size: Essential Oil: Lemongrass, Indonesia 37


Organic Essential Oil: Pinus Silvestris

There are no additional ingredients in your soap recipe yet. Sweet Almond Oil, Winterized Clearance: Organic Essential Oil: Basil Linalool, Vietnam The fast, easy and reliable way to create soap recipes.

Avocado Butter

Herb: Calendula Flower Powder

Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic

See below for instructions and formulation guides .

For more information, check out the Using the Bramble Berry Lye Calculator article. Floral Water: Baby Powder Organic Essential Oil: Pink Peppercorn, South Africa

Candle Fragrance Oil: White Rose

Fragrance Oil: Roman Chamomile

Essential Oil: Patchouli, Indonesia

Ayurvedic Herb: Face Mask Fragrance Oil: Amber (Reformulated)

The ingredient values must add up to exactly 100 when using percentages, Copyright © 1999-2019 Bramble Berry ® Inc. All Rights Reserved. Black Currant Seed Oil

Organic Essential Oil: Lemon Petitgrain, Madagascar

Essential Oil: Ginger, Fresh Sweet, Indonesia Hemp Seed Oil, Virgin

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Fragrance Oil: Lemon Sugar Fresh Type

Herb: Parsley Powder

Essential Oil: Rosemary, Spain 30

Fragrance Oil: Mandarin Cranberry Yankee Type Essential Oil: Basil, Bulgaria Organic Essential Oil: Cedarwood

Fragrance Oil: Witch's Brew

Cleaning Essential Oil: Cornmint, Organic, India

Floral Water: Fresh Laundry Grape Seed Oil, Chardonnay Ayurvedic Herb: Bhringraj Powder Candle Fragrance Oil: Guava

Candle Fragrance Oil: Clothesline Fresh

Caprylic Capric Triglyceride MCT

Floral Water: Cucumber Fragrance Oil: Black Cherry

To avoid this, most soapmakers use an excess of oils and fats in their recipes than the amount theoretically required to react with the lye. Organic Essential Oil: Cumin, Egypt

that is provided. Organic Essential Oil: Lavandin Grosso, Spain

Organic Essential Oil: Laurel, Hungary

useOilWeight * oil.amount/100 : oil.amount) / units.ounce.adjustment * unit.adjustment) | formatNumber }, ${ ((usePercentage ? Organic Essential Oil: Litsea Cubeba, Vietnam Organic Essential Oil: Mandarin, Cold Pressed, Italy Organic Essential Oil: Sugandha Kokhila

Essential Oil: Orange, Sweet, Israel Please be sure to click the Create Recipe button below, otherwise your entries will not be saved. Organic Essential Oil: Lime Pumpkin Seed Oil, Refined Υπολογιστής καυστικής σόδας για παρασκευή σαπουνιού. Floral Water: Clean Cotton Yankee Type

Candle Fragrance Oil: Pumpkin Pie

Essential Oil: Rose Otto, Lebanon

Organic Essential Oil: Cinnamon Bark, Sri Lanka Fragrance Oil: Holiday Spirit

Amla Oil Roasted Coffee Oil Although we strive to be as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information

Fragrance Oil: Lavender Amber Essential Oil: Tea Tree, Australia

If you're not sure how much oil to use, the Formulating Cold Process Soap Recipes article will help you get started.

Fragrance Oil: Gardenia

Clay: Kaolin, Pink

Candle Fragrance Oil: Sun Ripened Pear

Fragrance Oil: Blueberry Delight Candle Fragrance Oil: Calla Lily

Essential Oil: Ammi Visnaga, Morocco Organic Essential Oil: Marjoram, Sweet Organic Essential Oil: Oregano

Candle Fragrance Oil: Moroccan Mint Tea

Organic Essential Oil: Tagetes

The fast, easy and reliable way to create soap recipes!

Herb: Spearmint Leaf C/S Cleaning Essential Oil: Lime (CP), Mexico 53 Sacha Inchi Oil, Organic

Fragrance Oil: Pears and Aloe Vera

Floral Water: Magnolia Essential Oil: Davana, India

It is up to our customers to adequately research the appropriate applications, usage rates and safety Fragrance Oil: Cherry Blossom BBW Type } Camellia Oil, Organic

54 Candle Fragrance Oil: Herbaceous

Shea Butter Fragrance Oil: Obsession Type for Men Organic Essential Oil: Fir, Silver, France Candle Fragrance Oil: Mango Tea Organic Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang, Complete

Then, type the weight for this ingredient in the appropriate text box. Organic Essential Oil: Lavandin Super, France Organic Essential Oil: Ravintsara, Madagascar Essential Oil: Fir, Balsam, Canada

Essential Oil: Geranium Rosat, Egypt

Fragrance Oil: Tuberose

Organic Essential Oil: Pine, Jack, Canada

Herb: Rose Petals/Buds Red

Fragrance Oil: Fig Leaf Henri Bendel Type

Organic Essential Oil: Patchouli

Candle Fragrance Oil: Tangerine Organic Essential Oil: Vetiver, Madagascar Candle Fragrance Oil: Cinnamon & Spruce

Fragrance Oil: Black Licorice

Essential Oil: Ginger, China


Fragrance Oil: Sweet Sage Bush Macadamia Nut Oil

Fragrance Oil: Bobbing For Apples

Candle Fragrance Oil: Blueberry Delight


Organic Essential Oil: Oregano, Hungary 11

Fragrance Oil: Hollyberry Mango Butter Advanced and beginner soap making calculator for soapmakers. Candle Fragrance Oil: Jasmine Tea

Fragrance Oil: Plumeria Original Fragrance Oil: Spicy Carnation

Fragrance Oil: Earl Grey Tea

Fragrance Oil: Ocean Water Yankee Type Organic Essential Oil: Fir, Balsam, Canada Floral Water: Tahitian Vanilla

Lecithin Liquid

Candle Fragrance Oil: Basil Nectarine 97

Coffee Bean Butter

The water in your recipe is less than the amount of lye.

useOilWeight * oil.amount/100 : oil.amount) / units.pound.adjustment * unit.adjustment) | formatNumber }, ${ (usePercentage ?

For additional information about cold process soap making, please visit our Cold Process Soap Making Instructions library article.

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