Nathalie Weiss, a coxswain on the men’s rowing team who graduated from Stanford … We care a lot and dedicated part of our lives to this team and university. This can’t be happening.’”.

“Stanford University, at the end of the day, is a business, and they don’t have to care about us,” Presho said. “So at first I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?

Stanford projected a $70 million deficit over the next three years if it did not cut the 11 teams.

Men’s gymnastics, which survived the cut at Stanford, has fewer than 20 Division I programs. Chelsea Handler: 50 Cent 'can't for vote Donald Trump' because he's Black, “As you can imagine this has been a heartbreaking day for all of us, especially with those student-athletes and coaches involved,” athletic director Bernard Muir said.

Associated Press

The decision by Stanford — to dump men’s volleyball, men’s and women’s fencing, women’s lightweight rowing, men’s rowing, field hockey, squash, synchronized swimming, wrestling, and coed and women’s sailing — didn’t just break the hearts of the 240 athletes and 22 coaches directly affected by the decision. After Bowling Green State cut its baseball team in May, players and alumni raised $1.5 million over 18 days to save it. Current and former Stanford men’s volleyball players can’t bear to even think about that.

“If you take that away, it’s devastating.

Tom Brew.

Stanford was already facing some difficult financial choices as it tried to support one of the nation’s largest athletics departments.

That support and understanding are why he had made it a tradition to climb to the top of the stands before his home matches, look at the big “S” at midcourt and appreciate his life at a leading university where one in eight undergraduates play a varsity sport.

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Hunter Dickey, a junior transfer from Orange Coast College, is one of those recruits. Stanford athletes have won nearly 300 Olympic medals over all, … The life you know is taken away from you in an instant.

Of those disbanded teams, 51 are from 18 Division I schools. “We came to this decision only after exhausting all other viable alternatives. “The good news so far is that we haven’t seen a massive following of cuts after Stanford’s cuts,” Davis said. He said he was confident that volleyball would keep growing on the high school level, with more boys joining after turning away from contact sports like football, where head injuries have become a concern. Schools across the country have now cut 56 teams this year, per Sports Illustrated, ranging from men’s soccer at Cincinnati to baseball at Boise State.

The school will discontinue men’s and women’s fencing, field hockey, lightweight rowing, men’s rowing, co-ed and women’s sailing, squash, synchronized swimming, men’s volleyball and wrestling after the 2020-21 academic year.

Muir, who is on the USOPC advisory council that studies the relationship between the Olympics and college sports, didn’t deliver any notice to the USOPC about the cuts before Stanford made them. Trump team pushes back after Biden blasts 'chumps' who support the president USOPC figures show Division I schools spent $5.6 billion last year on Olympic sports alone. The cuts were a last resort, officials said, adding that the university would still honor students’ scholarships and coaches’ contracts. Of the 121 medals the U.S. won, nearly 85% came from college-trained athletes. Earlier this year, football coach David Shaw, basketball coach Jerod Haase and members of the athletics executive team took voluntary pay cuts to help defray some of the financial hit caused by the pandemic.

And he believed it. If the decision is not reversed, officials said, any money raised could fund a club team. All of the cut sports except squash are in the Olympics, and for generations, Stanford has been an unofficial Olympian factory. It took Brown University alumni 12 days to save the men’s running programs. nearly one-third of Stanford’s 36 varsity programs.

RELATED: Stanford University to Cut 11 Varsity Sports Over COVID-19 Financial Challenges, Nathalie Weiss, a coxswain on the men’s rowing team who graduated from Stanford in 2016, said when she first heard of the cuts, “I just felt like this decision was giving up.”. - Gerald Gurney, an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma and former president of the Drake Group, which aims to ensure academic integrity for college athletes, isn’t buying Stanford’s excuse that the cuts were purely financially driven. “If you look at where the pipelines are in the U.S., in most sports, at a certain age, it becomes the NCAA,” said Han Xiao, the chair of the USOPC athletes’ group.

Asked about this specifically, Muir responded with a statement that lauded the school’s Olympic tradition and said “Stanford Athletics will continue to provide equitable world-class opportunities” for athletes. To save money while his father was between jobs, Dickey spent two years at Orange Coast, a junior college, while working as a bellhop at a Hilton hotel.

Stanford also saved close to $5 million with expense-cutting measures and asked some of its programs to limit long-distance travel in an attempt to shore up the budget shortfall. Stanford athletic department officials, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment about the cuts, but an online statement posted in July said the university had exhausted “all other viable avenues.” The statement also said using the school’s $27.7 billion endowment wasn’t an option because it was earmarked for other things, including financial aid, and because the university wanted its athletic department to cover its own expenses. Of the 558 athletes the U.S. sent to Rio four years ago, around 75% came from the college sports system. “We had a structural deficit coming in, so I don’t want to pin this all on COVID.

Virtually all of the Olympic-sports budgets at big schools are subsidized by football and basketball, the futures of which are both in peril themselves.

‘America’s Forgotten’: Democrat director discovers horrors of illegal immigration while making film. “They’ve known of this deficit for a few years, and in their own budget announcements, they mention they’re running a deficit, but it’s nothing they’d address in an actual way.”. The cuts, Gurney said, revealed the university’s “philosophical change of direction.”, “What I see Stanford doing is developing a model more similar to any of the powerful football schools,” said Gurney, who teaches classes on athletics in higher education and ethics in intercollegiate athletics.

It would cost more than $200 million to keep the 11 varsity programs for good and ensure they are competitive, the university said. Stanford athletes have won nearly 300 Olympic medals over all, and at the 2016 Summer Games they won more than athletes from any other university — 26 medals, 14 of them gold. If the university really wanted to, he said, it could have floated the programs through the pandemic and beyond, or accepted money raised by the sports themselves. The men’s volleyball community is still trying to convince Stanford that it made a mistake.


More than 125 current and past players in the program have scrambled to raise money and support, with players like Presho writing letters to the university president, athletic director and board of directors to make a case to keep the team. Muir said the $25 million deficit for 2021 would likely double if the football season is canceled. At least 171 sports programs from four-year schools have been cut since the pandemic began in the United States, according to research by The Associated Press. The objective is to win at all costs.”.

“Playing at Stanford is a chance of a lifetime for me,” he said in an interview.

Stanford is believed to be the first Power Five school to eliminate programs. Stanford athletics was a family, they told him.

Studies say if the Power Five conferences all scrub football , it could lead to $4 billion in losses, or an average of $62 million per school. With no March Madness, the NCAA was short $375 million scheduled to be distributed to its member schools, which are already facing questions about enrollment levels and tuition shortfalls.

Without a centralized government sports ministry, the likes of which most countries employ to build their Olympic teams, the U.S. Olympic and Parlaympic Committee is deeply reliant on America’s extensive college sports program to field its team. “By and large, college sports are a lifeline for our national teams,” said Sarah Wilhelmi, the USOPC’s director of collegiate partnerships.

Stanford has been known for churning out national team members and stars like the swimmer Katie Ledecky, the decathlete Bob Mathias, the softball player Jessica Mendoza and the beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings.

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