Over the years Thrifty Nifty Mommy has expanded to a team of 4 writers. All I did was wash the skillet with hot water and a non-perfumey, non-toxic eco-soap soap (the only time I will use soap with the skillet), place in the oven to heat up while I made cornbread batter, apply butter to bottom and sides and voila! Your email address will not be published.

I love cast iron skillets.

Required fields are marked *. We're in love with the smart, sleek, and smooth pans from Stargazer Cast Iron. Stargazer claims that their skillet is a full pound lighter than the “competition”. In 2015, the Stargazer Cast Iron skillet was born in Peter’s garage. You're awesome for doing it!

The Stargazer Cast Iron skillet has such a noticeable difference in weight that I no longer struggle when it comes to lifting and pouring.

We actually aren’t breakfast people. Overall, the weight felt much lighter than most skillets in the 10″ range. As of now the Stargazer skillet is only available in the #8 size. Much Needed Tsvm 4 The Chance 2 Win !!! It was the lightest weight of all the skillets in the review, and has a riveted handle, which is unusual for cast iron.

Here is a tip I just learned: instead of cutting your biscuits into circles, cut them in a grid. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

They are also passionate about sustainability, using recycled sand for their casting molds, recycled iron to cast their skillets, and recycled paper to build their shipping boxes.

This is an all-purpose, everyday, medium-sized skillet, comparable to a vintage size #8. The Ladies of La Cocina Pick Their Saveur 100 Entries, The Dirty Dozen: The Saveur Team Shares Their Favorite “Guilty Pleasures”, David Lebovitz’s “Ménage à Quatre” Cocktail. Good luck!

It is my best fry pan by any measure. A Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet. Because everything tastes better in cast iron. I am looking for more choices for going from stove to oven and with how lightweight and easy to use this is, I think it would be my first choice. You have to have a cast iron skillet if you want to make real buttermilk biscuits. Handle designed to stay cooler longer for stove top cooking. Find out more and get one for yourself on Stargazer’s website HERE. For reference, you can fit 3 burger patties in it but it would be crowded. Did you know that cast iron is the original non-stick material? The kind of skillet your grandmother had. Thanksgiving is so close but I just couldn’t wait for the turkey. I know all I’m going to need is more Stargazer Cast Iron pans in my collection! My Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet is so versatile since I can use it on the stovetop as well as in the oven. It is the least expensive skillet of the four at $80. I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of Stargazer after my experience with their 12” cast iron skillet. Be generous with oil the first few times you use it. Pizza dough is cheap, under $2! 1: Lightweight - Compared to … Follow Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet on social media to hear about their latest promotions and products! You can purchase your Stargazer cast iron skillet at StargazerCastIron.com where their skillets start at $85 for a non-seasoned 10.5-inch skillet and go up to $130 for a seasoned 12-inch skillet. I've also built a few PCs in my day, so I'd like to say that I'm a pretty well-rounded techie.

During testing, we cooked some chicken cutlets, which we usually make on stainless steel pans, we seared a steak at 500 degrees, we baked a skillet cookie in the oven, and we even sauteed some shrimp. Stargazer makes the best cast iron skillet we've ever used: lighter, smoother, and overall better designed. I previously had cast iron I purchased from Amazon for $20 or so. The difference was impossible to deny! I’ve made it my personal mission to begin replacing all of my generic non-stick pans with cast iron. If you’re looking for a cast-iron skillet that will last you a lifetime and aren’t afraid of spending a little more for high quality and innovative design, Stargazer is the skillet for you. I love it! Giveaway: One lucky Emily Reviews reader will win their very own Stargazer Cast Iron 10.5″ Skillet! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you, if you purchase via one of these links, thank you, this helps keep my website running! I love the idea of using cast iron but always struggled with how much food was left sticking on the pan. Eggs would stick, the iron would heat unevenly, and cleaning/maintaining were a hassle. It managed to cook an egg without sticking, but its sloped sides and seeming inability to pick up layers of seasoning due to the nonstick coating left me puzzled about how this skillet relates to more traditional cast iron. And I’m enjoying cooking and baking more than ever. Not only does Stargazer make great cast iron skillets, but they also stand for something.

But, it is 10.3 pounds, and hard to manipulate with its small handle. They’ve figured out the perfect balance between ease of use and heat retention. Appropriate for camping and outdoor, open fire cooking.

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Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review. It looks much heavier than it is, and that’s part of what makes Stargazer’s cast iron skillets so great. The seasoned skillet has been seasoned by hand and will arrive ready to go, right out of the box.

Over the years, I’ve really come to enjoy creating delicious meals for my family. The handle is designed to stay cooler while you use it on the stovetop, and it works. Your email address will not be published.

I'm an architect by trade, but the overarching theme of my life has always been trying to keep up with the newest, coolest technology. Depth (cooking surface to rim): 2.0 inches, Here are some of Sloth's favorite recipes featuring the Stargazer Cast Iron, Ratatouille - https://www.slothstradamus.com/post/ratatouille, Cast Iron Cookie - https://www.slothstradamus.com/post/cast-iron-skillet-cookie, Lobster Mac and Cheese - Recipe Coming Soon, Reverse Sear Tri-tip - Recipe Coming Soon, © 2020 by Slothstradamus and Digital Platform Design. The kind of skillet your grandmother had. One lucky Emily Reviews reader will win their very own Stargazer Cast Iron 10.5″ Skillet! A Bonnier Corporation Company. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. These sound awesome. The skillet was completely non-stick and the cornbread tasted wonderful. This makes it hard for me to cook with. Blue Apron Vet Matt Wadiak Is Raising A Better Bird. I’ve made similar recipes in my other cast iron skillets but was amazed at how my new lighter skillet with cooler handles really made a difference in cooking this meal. ADVERTISEMENT. "Stargazer" is a song that not only highlights the album but is the inspiration for the album cover's art by Ken Kelly. Buy It: Head over to Stargazer Cast Iron to learn more or grab your own skillet. Most people think of cast iron skillets as these supremely heavy pans that need to be lugged around with two hands, and while that’s true for many, Stargazer is the exception to the rule. My number 8 Field Skillet fits perfectly inside this 10 inch Stargazer. The bare skillet will arrive coated with oil and bagged to protect it from the elements. One of the things I love most about cast iron is the ability to go from the stove to the oven and my Stargazer was no exception (except it was easier to handle!).

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