as a couple of individuals I am suing did years ago? Until a person can get that basic function and duty correct, they are the dissenter from the party line.We cannot offer anything of substance on the topic of of defense, if we don't first understand what we are defending and why.

Until I discovered your blog years ago, I thought there were only 3 or 4 of us left.Carr does a good job holding lousy leaders accountable for their ineptitude, abuse, and/or mendacity. “We’ve been doing CAS a long time,” Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, head of Air Combat Command, assured reporters in March. Rep Kinzinger Calls Chris Kyle a Hero, Yet Voted T... Blue Irony, Did Tony Carr Deem the USAF Fascist? But I'll listen to your podcast and read your blog if you're still serving and feel so inclined, and I'll be happy to support you in your efforts to mentor your peers on how to be professional public servants who defend America, rather than uniformed politicians who simply take advantage of her. While he likes to dissent from the party line, and gather and organize and stoke and channel dissent under his umbrella, he is most certainly no fan of somebody dissenting from his own professed views and values. Air Combat Command owns the bulk of the flying branch’s combat aircraft, including the A-10, F-15, F-16 and the up-coming, but troublesome F-35 stealth fighter. “To determine the Army’s requirements for tactical air support,” the report stated up front. “It’s really about technology and thought, and how we move our Air Force to continue to be the best Air Force on the planet and what it takes to get there.”. Tony Carr is trying to create a political career. We in the armed services have, by regulation, as our first function and duty even before the bombs and bullets, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. In the run up to the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the service tried — and failed — to replace the Warthogs with modified F-16s. “If you were to say that there’s a grunt in the sky, it’d be the ‘Hog’ pilot.”. An outspoken critic of many of the service’s policies, Carr has been unable to get the flying branch to confirm any details about the footage. “Final determination as to the type best suited for a close support role, of course, should be determined by experts.”, More importantly, however, “no such determination would be proper, however, without ascertaining the relative enthusiasm of the supported infantry units for each type of supporting aircraft, for the real test of any weapon is the satisfaction of the man whom it is intended to assist.”.

Third, the Air Force "Emerging Technologies" division of, Fascism the State is absolute, He doesn’t care about the next fancy weapon system coming down the pipeline,” the flier continued.

Copyright 2006-2018. His Article 15 was thrown out.

Joseph Trevithick 33. I personally don't think the majority of Americans would care if I didn't make good on my oath. The general declined to point out that, at the time, Army Air Forces pilots had little direct contact with the infantry. “I’d tell you the P-40 was a great CAS platform,” Carlisle explained at the same press conference six months ago. Rodriguez was invited to the retirement of fellow SNCO Chuck Roberson to give a narration during the flag-folding. The Army wants the Air Force to do it — and the Air Force hates it. View Tony Carr’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Through all the different ways in which Airmen communicate and interact, respect and dignity are essential. Carr updated himself with a post entitled simply “Idiot Under Investigation.”. Should an illegal order come down upon them, one they can obey in the comfort of secrecy or perhaps even one out in the open, there is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority will obey it. Department of Defense Policies on Religion, Supreme Court and Judicial Decisions on Religion, Retired Air Force Commander Attacks Chaplain, Religion, Chaplain Sonny Hernandez Criticized for Column on Religious Freedom. on fear. Public blog excoriating Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh for the Air Force’s “new” attitude toward privacy.

Retired LtCol Tony Carr does a decent job of hammering the shameful and inappropriate mistreatment of the retired SMSgt. Carr updated himself with a post entitled simply “ Idiot Under Investigation.”

In Korea, Fifth Air Force never placed “tactical air support” higher than “third priority,” according to the Army’s review. “You need the right kind of support to have boots on the ground,” one of these so-called Joint Terminal Attack Controllers — a.k.a. The pilots' story was first reported by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Tony Carr on his military blog John Q.

Mikey Weinstein Pummeled After Prayer Breakfast Complaint, Why Weinstein is Right About Prayer Breakfast Invitation, Report: Retired SNCO Not Tossed from Ceremony over Religion, Retired Airman Thrown Out of Ceremony Because of Religion, Former USAF Commander Predicts Exodus of Integrity, Courage, Senior Air Force Officer Defends Mikey Weinstein, Blog: Military Commanders Misusing Punishments to Avoid Appeals, Mikey Weinstein Admits to Hiring Himself, and Gets a Pay Raise, US Military Publishes Major Revision to Religious Liberty Rules. they'll be crushed. “The only way it’s number one is in the A-10’s goals.”, But echoing the Army’s sentiments decades ago in Korea, the airmen insisted that their dedication to close air support is what makes those missions successful. Fast forward nearly 65 years later, and the debate remains mostly unchanged. The Air Force Inspector General released its report (PDF here) on the incident involving retired USAF SMSgt Oscar Rodriguez in April. American aircraft makers had designed the P-40, along with far better P-47 and P-51, first and foremost to shoot down enemy aircraft. I appreciate the sentiments. Second, traditional military avenues of discussion (PME) have proven ineffective methods for dialogue. As reported by the Air Force Times: Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a third-party complaint…claiming the invite constituted a clear violation of Air Force Instruction 1-1, Section 2.12, Balance of Free Exercise of Religion and Establishment Clause. Those who are attacking his ability to serve in the US military — that so-called bastion of tolerance and diversity — have no leg upon which Read more. While Hernandez may have said — and did say — things that seemed illogical, theologically questionable, or wrong, nothing he said was illegal or otherwise a violation of any rule, regulation, or law. Carr quotes what he describes as the objectionable portion of Gen Welsh’s statement [emphasis added]: We’ve captured the Air Force’s culture and standards in AFI 1-1. The first officer “publicly argue[d] his case with the convening authority” — and won.

“He doesn’t care about big picture Air Force policy.

“It is unreasonable to expect that aircraft designed for fighter missions can be employed as efficiently in tactical air support as aircraft designed for tactical air support,” X Corps explained. Paths to Extinction: The US Air Force in 2025. But, at best, Carlisle’s comments glossed over decades of complaints and criticisms from other services … and within his own ranks. The A-10 is “not number one in the Air Force goals. An outspoken critic of many of the service’s policies, Carr has been unable to get the flying branch to confirm any details about the footage. I'll have the luxury of giving up my rights for convenience in an attempt to avoid unlawful arrest, or to relegate my deep verbal "commitment" to the constitution to the realm of mere words in pleasant coffee conversation rather than in damaging, expensive, and tiring actual action. The Even after reluctantly accepting aging Skyraiders from the Navy to train South Vietnamese crews and for dangerous CAS flights in Southeast Asia, the flying branch largely refused to change tack. Public and many others have become outlets for members of the military unwilling to name themselves out of fear for their careers.

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