No one but Cortés wanted to rebuild the Aztec site. While the number is in dispute, the most-often cited number of deaths is about 10,000 people. Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, the first European to visit Mexican territory, arrives in the Yucatán from Cuba with three ships and about 100 men. [118] The latest infrastructure projects of this type have been centered on the southeast portions of the area, on República de El Salvador, Talavera, Correo Mayor, Mesones and Pino Suárez streets, mostly focusing on repaving streets and updating the very old drainage system of the area.

In this way, Cortés hoped to rule through the emperor. [56] An estimate for 1753 based on a partial census mandated by the Audiencia put the population at 70,000. Mexico City had experienced two major riots in the seventeenth century, one in 1624 that ousted the viceroy who attempted to eliminate excessive profits for grain and other goods by creole traders. [63], In his analysis of the 1790 census of Mexico City and its surrounding area, Dennis Nodin Valdés compared the population of the capital with the census of the Intendancy of Mexico in 1794. They first arrived around the territory known as Culiacán by 960 CE, but then left and returned to Aztlan. [94] An early nineteenth-century lithograph by Claudio Linati shows two Indian women fighting, each with a baby on her back. People in large numbers still migrate from rural areas to the city in search of work and the other economic.

Though the resulting death and injury toll is concealed by the Mexican government (and their allies in Washington), at least 100 people are killed and many others wounded.

Later versions of the story have a snake in the eagle's mouth.

[8] The Aztecs themselves had a story about how their city was founded after their principal god, Huitzilopochtli, led them to the island. According to the INAH, mammoth skeletons revealed in what used to be the shallow part of the lake were better anatomically preserved than those found in the deeper parts of the former lake. In 1968, Mexico City hosted the Summer Olympic Games.

There were also attempts to restrict, then prohibit, trade between Peru and Mexico City in the late 16th and early 17th century, with the objective of keeping control of Peruvian silver.

They diversified the assets locally, investing in urban real estate. The first viceroy Don Antonio de Mendoza of the new Viceroyalty of New Spain arrived in Mexico City fourteen years later. In the first decades of the 20th century, the city extended north to the Río de Consulado, east to Metro Jamaica, west to Chapultepec and south to roughly were the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation building at Xola is now.

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