Don’t excuse the CLIPs in your life—it’s not okay and they need to fix it—but remember, it’s not about you. They believe they can fit more tasks into a limited amount of time more than other people and thrive when they’re multitasking.

Experts explain why the key to being on time is understanding why you're always late. Why Am I Always Late?

They're racing, worried, and anxious. Taking Control of Your Schedule and Your Life. They stand up their friends. You didn’t do what you were supposed to do, and now you’ll sit here and get more done, even if it makes you late.”.

We publish narratives intentionally and specifically to enlighten and transform the world. When a sane person thinks a certain kind of behavior is fine, they do it. Before we can truly overcome our lateness and be on time all the time, we need to understand why we are late. Once again, that’s probably not too great of an explanation for your boss if you get called into the office for being late once again. This group tends to get a thrill out of racing against the clock to get things scratched off that daunting to-do list and will often put off work until the last minute for that very purpose. All rights reserved.

But I was always tired and taking naps. At the 5 minute alarm, log off, gather your things and say goodbye. One day you are starting your first job, the next receiving your first promotion, moving house, getting married, attending parties, weddings and baby showers- the list goes on!

But others, understandably, find chronic lateness the height of rudeness, and emblematic that an individual values their own time over that of everyone else.

They're always running out the door in a frenzy, arriving everywhere at least 10 minutes late. All of this has kind of left me with no choice but to take a quick nine-hour break from working on the gargantuan SpaceX post to discuss not okay late people. They think they’re a little more special than everyone else, like the zero-remorse narcissist at the top of Haltiwanger’s article.

Other types of late personalities are rationalizers, indulgers, evaders, and rebels. She says many people try to avoid downtime by "shoving in one more thing" just before they need to leave.

Most people grow out of this, but I seem to have grown further into it. I am somewhat childlike in my facility to have my attention captured by, well, literally anything. '", The solution to this problem is to "practice catchphrases," Morgenstern tells WebMD. I used to stay up late squeezing a few more hours of whatever in before finally going to sleep.

So I thought about this for a minute, and I think I figured out what’s going on. I meant to check it the night before on the computer, but I didn't." If you believe that you work best under pressure and can’t really find much motivation to get things done unless there is a sure fire reason as to why you should do it… you’re probably a procrastinator. "Look at the costs of being late and the payoffs of being on time," Morgenstern advises.

Lateness helps you avoid the feelings of foolishness, awkwardness or being judged that sometimes come with being early.

You know you're in this category if you'd rather be late to a massage than spend one minute sitting in the waiting room. According to psychologist Dr. Pauline Wallin, "people who are chronically late are often wrestling with anxiety, distraction, ambivalence, or other internal psychological states". This cannot be the situation.

It’ll be great—I’ll stroll out, put on a podcast, and head to the subway.

Recent studies suggest that the reason you’re always late goes far beyond not waking up in time or taking too long to get dressed. When I’m pleased with how I’ve lived the day so far, the Rational Decision-Maker has a much easier time taking control of the wheel. When she finally arrived, instead of being able to have a pleasant conversation with her, I’d get into the car seething. There may be psychological reasons you can never get to where you’re going on time – which means you can finally retire that good ol’ CP time excuse.

Some people don’t seem to mind tardiness. These people are assholes. Nope. So if this is you, the best thing to do is to just be honest with yourself and realize that perhaps you can’t do as much in one day as you thought you could and allow yourself more time to complete tasks efficiently… and be on time. I’ve made a bunch of friends mad at me, I’ve embarrassed myself again and again in professional situations, and I’ve run a cumulative marathon through airport terminals. Recent studies suggest that the reason you’re always late goes far beyond not waking up in time or taking too long to get dressed. “People who are chronically late are often wrestling with anxiety, distraction, ambivalence or other internal psychological states,” said Pauline Wallin, a psychologist in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. One of the payoffs of being on time is that you eliminate the stress of the travel time and you eliminate the time spent apologizing. Like many of us she could give herself extra time to get ready and even plan things out ahead of time to make sure she beat the clock, but nothing ever worked.

“It didn’t matter what time I got up,” she said.

You watch the clock but have trouble adjusting your behavior (e.g., changing pace, eliminating items from your to-do list, etc.) It’s pretty much self explanatory. Keep a list of things you accomplished so you can prove to yourself you can get attention in positive ways. But these tricks should help you get a handle on the clock. Being late generally makes you look wildly unprofessional, not just because it makes you seem disorganized, but also because it keeps people waiting and, therefore, makes them feel disrespected…

Habitual early birds probably will not experience this high.

", "If you are literally always 10 minutes late, it's psychological," Morgenstern says. SOURCES: Carolyn Keating, lingerie designer, New York.

'", Sapadin says the answer depends on your personality type. "It's a carryover of rebelliousness from childhood.

"I felt embarrassed and it really flustered me," she tells WebMD. My sister once missed an early morning flight, so they rescheduled her for the following morning. Let call them CLIPs (Chronically Late Insane Person). This strategy can help convert dreaded wait time into time that is productive and pleasurable, giving you an incentive to be on time.

Find a buddy who can hold you accountable.

So yeah, that’s why I’m late—because I’m insane.

The study included over 200 people and of those 200 people about 17 percent of them were chronically late. Different hues may affect your mood, diet, and more. By the end of the article, I had never felt prouder to be a chronically late person. When Keating finally arrived at the correct address, she was 30 minutes late. No comment. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps.

Remember, it's not just about the clock. According to Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management From the Inside Out, the first step is to make promptness a conscious priority.

She didn't get the job.

You decide that you’d rather go ahead and clean the house now to get it out the way and assume you’ll be finished in about 20 minutes.

This Is Why Some People Are Always Late... and 3 ways to change your (or their) routines to fix it. Available for everyone, funded by readers. This will help you find a pattern, so you can adjust your time estimates. For some people, being on time seems nearly impossible -- no matter how important the event. Try something new, like a stretch project or a different hobby, instead of taking on more.

I am lucky to know quite a few of them.

Ask yourself what you're feeling, putting off or aiming to do by not leaving. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter. She has problems. All I have to do is be off the subway by 2:45. There’s a pretty strong correlation here—the worse I feel about my productivity so far that day, the more likely I am to be late.

These people have problems. New York lingerie designer Carolyn Keating was thrilled to land a job interview with Victoria's Secret. If you are early, you can work on that without feeling awkward or deprived. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Usually what happens is, of all the times the CLIP has done a certain activity or commute, what they remember is that one time things went the quickest. Switch your routine so you don't fall back into the habits that make you late. Haltiwanger’s article is (I hope) talking mostly about okay lateness. I am not proud of this. There's something you need to apologize for. It is a flaw in my character, and I am certain many of you reading will agree, a significant one. You're genuinely egocentric and lack empathy toward the people you offend by being late.

Simply put, they’re fundamentally hopeful.” Once you feel motivated to make a change, Morgenstern says the next step is to figure out why you're always late. People feel they can't trust you or rely on you, so it impacts relationships. Why am I always late? An imperfect, tardy, caring, hardworking, happy Latina mom.

Group 1 is simple.

And I’m not late because I like to smell the roses, or because I can see the big picture, or because the future is full of infinite possibilities. Still, it will take a little more time (natch) for earliness to stick.

Earliness also offers the opportunity for observation; seeing the things one misses when flitting between modes of public transport, and walking with the determined velocity of Richard Ashcroft in the video for Bittersweet Symphony. Surprised? I’m sure each CLIP is insane in their own special way, and to understand how they work, you’ll usually have to get to some dark inner psychology. To overcome wait time anxiety, Morgenstern suggests planning "something highly absorbing to do while you wait." "I think people's stress level is very high when they're late. The propensity of CLIPs to underestimate how long things take comes out of some habitual delusional optimism. Apps that may help. Of course, procrastinating and thrill seeking isn’t much of an excuse for being late. Finally, I’m late because I’m mad at myself.

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