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Tu as déjà bossé avec le Français Ikaz Boi sur « RERUN » de Quavo, tu travailles donc aujourd’hui avec tous ces artistes européens pour Red Bull… Tu as ainsi l’air beaucoup plus ouverte sur l’international que certains de tes camarades producteurs américains, est-ce une vraie volonté pour toi ? Posted On : April 2, 2020 Published By : Lora Lewis. “I kinda wanted to start … working on more songs [for full] projects,” she tells Billboard. It’s something I worry about.". Toliver, who initially linked up with Wondagurl while working on the “amazing” Travis Scott’s Astroworld, is described by the producer as someone who is easy to work with. Secrets aside, it sounds like it’s safe to say that Ebony won’t end up a one hit wonder girl. And that really helped. Wondagurl Interview: Producer Talks Don Toliver and Travis Scott. Everything is just really easy for me, but I've seen a lot of female producers struggling.

While she’s worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, SZA, and Trippie Redd, she says she has aspirations of hearing Beyonce’s inimitable vocals slide on one of her beats. Cerise sur le gâteau, tout ce beau monde se retrouvera le 20 septembre sur la scène de la Machine du Moulin Rouge pour présenter ce projet en live. She, along with Mike Dean, Sonny Digital, Travis Scott and others, provided various sounds and styles to the 12-song project. It’s mostly just a feeling that I’m getting, you know? "If you really want to learn, you will sit there and learn it. I wasn’t ever like a big, big JAY Z fan. So that’s how I joined the Battle a year later, when I was 14.

While she was focused on making her dreams come true as a young, aspiring producer, she says her social life suffered. Toliver, who initially linked up with Wondagurl while working on the “amazing” Travis Scott’s Astroworld, is described by the producer as someone who is easy to work with. Since she has grown up with the internet as her tutor, there’s little chance that Ebony has the patience to learn more from a formal education than on her own. He's a really nice guy. He gave me little tips for FL studio; the little tips helped a whole lot. I sort of just go and do my work and go home. Enfin, je prépare mon propre producer album, qui devrait plutôt voir le jour en 2020, car je n’ai pas encore tous les guests bloqués, mais je peux quand même vous dire qu’il sera très cool ! Then Travi$ sent it to JAY Z, I guess. Pour être honnête, je ne savais même pas que Travis en avait fait quelque chose jusqu’à ce que le son 2 Chainz sorte et que quelqu’un vienne me dire « Eh il y a une de tes prods sur son album ! And “How To Talk” is just different too. I’m calling it Wonderchild Music. It was so big, with so many people. No, everybody in my school is pretty cool. Now I try to mix everything into one. But now when I’m walking outside, one person might scream, “Hey WondaGurl!” and then another person may hear that and start screaming “WondaGurl,” too. On the 23-year-old’s quest to become a trusted provider of dedication, craftsmanship, and just plain fire beats, the Canada native has won the support and tutelage of fellow beatmaker (and near name purveyor) Boi1da, all while supplying superhuman assists for hip-hop and R&B heavyweights such as Travis Scott (“Antidote”), Rihanna (“BBHMM”), and Jay-Z (“Crown”). I started fixing computers at like age 9. Having all those people around me, helping me, I got so much better from when I started out. How could a demure teenager from Brampton by way of Scarborough and Mississauga manage to have Sean Carter hear one of her beats, let alone choose it to make the album? I felt so ready for people to hear who was. Pour commencer, on est ici dans les magnifiques Red Bull Music Studios à Paris. If you’re running out of things to do during this crazy time of self-isolating,... Signup now to receive periodical updates from HipHopCanada.com. I don’t care for new school reggae, old school reggae is the most important thing, since it’s all about the bass and drums.” This influence is loudly evident on “Crown,” where Wondagurl flips Sizzla’s “Solid as a Rock,” but is more mutedly apparent on Travis Scott’s “Uptown,” where the sounds of both the White Stripes and Reverend WA Donaldson are slowed down and screwed until they resemble something you’d expect to hear from Capleton, Wondagurl’s favourite dancehall artist. I really felt like I was good. Her latest production work can be found on Don Toliver’s debut studio album. Et bien, il y a donc ce projet avec Red Bull prévu pour le 11 septembre, je bosse aussi en parallèle avec mes propres artistes chez moi, et dont les projets devraient bientôt sortir. One decidedly less recognizable name was the one that was credited for the production of “Crown”— a then-unknown 17-year-old Canadian who went by the name of Wondagurl. When you returned to Battle of the Beatmakers in 2012, you won. She first entered the competition in 2011, but didn’t see the same results. Every now and again we aim to illuminate these under-heralded artists with Beat Construction. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it always comes out great. That was like, one of the best nights of my life. All he said was “bangers.” That’s it. Did you envision that beat for Travi$? More Montreality Jul 10 2014, 3:00pm. It was kind of weird how it popped up and I just started. I didn’t know who else to send it to, so I just sent it to Travi$ and said, Maybe you can add something to this and we can get it for Pusha. Do you work at a studio as well as at home? Toronto producer WondaGurl (JAY-Z, Drake, Kanye West) recently connected with Montreality as the latest feature in their popular interview series. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved. “I don’t understand a lot of things the old heads say. “The next year, I just decided not to move at all, and just be myself. Mais cet été, cet avec la crème du rap francophone new gen que WondaGurl s’est enfermée, dont Nepal, Luidji, Youv Dee, Nemir, Primero ou encore Moka Boka, sans oublier l’exception Nadia Rose, londonienne. "I’m not good at making friends like that, I’m good at making friends through the internet. I don’t know, I like those beats. My brother made a track on that beat, and it was the worst track ever, but it felt nice because that was the first time ever someone made a song to my music. And yeah, it just has a couple producers that I signed now and an artist that I signed as well. Cela se fait très naturellement, car je pense que Travis connait mes goûts, et moi je sais vite quel type de son il recherche, d’où cette confiance mutuelle qui s’est construite au fil des collaborations. … Always just focus on yourself and what you’re doing.”. “I hate the question of ‘what are you going to do for the rest of your life?’ My mom used to ask it all the time, and she wants me to go to school after high school, but she also understands that it’s really all my decision, and she supports that.” But at this point in her life, it’s hard to imagine Ebony learning from anything that doesn’t have a pause button and a litany of related channels. At 10:00PM, I have to stop making beats though. She used to listen to R. Kelly, so I started from R. Kelly, then went on to Aaliyah and to Timbaland, her producer. With the internet as her tutor, Ebony began to draw from the music she heard growing up for ideas and influences. competition, which provided launchpads for producers such as Nineteen85 (“One Dance,” “Hotline Bling”) and T-Minus (“Swimming Pools (Drank)”, “The Motto”). I wouldn't talk to anyone, I would just go home and do stuff. See Exclusive Photos of Future on a Yacht for XXL Magazine's Spring 2020 Cover Story. I’m never really into what they’re talking about, but I like their flow, the way they sound on the beat, and the bass. He would come and check up on me because I was staying in the studio till like 8AM. Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of XXL Magazine, on stands now. On bosse généralement à distance avec Internet, sauf quand il prépare un album, où là il m’appelle pour que je vienne le rejoigne en studio.

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