XML is self-descriptive and uses the DDT principle (Defining the Document Type) for describing data formally. Let’s think about what that would mean in terms of our file system. As your site grows, you will find that some pieces of CSS and JavaScript are reuseable, and can be linked to multiple HTML files. Thank YOU!

In this case, let’s call the folder house. to guess where the closing tag should have been. Since we have an entirely new HTML file, we are not simply linking up a new CSS file. The Relationship Between HTML, CSS and JavaScript Explained by Building A City. The Relationship between HTML5 and XHTML. This might seem one-dimensional. Awesome feature. They need to be referenced in the HTML file in order to be loaded. Hi, I’m Kevin! Let’s call the new building apartment.html, and the new CSS will be fancy.css. So, we have now created a new CSS file (let’s call it Dominos.css).

HTML and XML are both

It allows you to change colors, positioning and more. Still have questions? Finally, someone who understands the way I learn!!! The CSS must be different because there is no way that an apartment building can be styled in the same way as a house!

Since XML … An HTML file contains the structure of the page itself. visually-appealing web pages at the expense of clear-cut document structures. It’s still a home. I just want to clarify. Hypertext defines the link between the web pages. HTML and XML are both descendants of an earlier markup language called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). Get your answers by asking now. It is kind of like the design of the building itself. To Thank YOU! Anyways, here is a potential layout of the whole file directory. You can eat… sleep… make meals… anything that you do at home, really! We need to create a folder called pizza to show we are talking about a pizza place now, and substitute dominos.css for the old styles.css file. by jason » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:30 pm .

Complex In our example, you can order a greasy slice of pizza in both a mall AND a pizza shop. exactly how a web page will be displayed. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Well, let’s think through each of the three pieces.

How do I test all of this on my own computer? That means wealthier residents are moving in, and more expensive housing is being built. Sloppy markup in HTML pages (HTML stands Imagine that in this neighborhood, one of the buildings is a pizza shop called Neighborhood Pizza (great name). So, if you wanted to reference the bank.css file from within bank.html, you would use: This is just the beginning of your jounrey towards making HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together. And the HTML file must be different, because the two buildings have completely different structures. is ignored or interpreted in a proprietary way. Top. So unless you want to take it as a very, very loose relationship, HTML and XML are not that closely related besides looking similar. You can use this interactive image to flip between the 3 parts of a house and the file system. So, you might expect that both would share one JavaScript file, but also have unique functionality in their own individual JavaScript files. So what happens when there are multiple buildings? A CSS file contains the styling of the page. Even if this is a single-page, personal site that you never intend to release, you still face a series of new challenges like: After thinking about this for awhile, I realized that these pieces work together in the same way that cities can still function, even when businesses are constantly moving in or going out of businesses, or real estate developers are remaking certain neighborhoods. What should I do if I want to have a career in computers and technology but I have a learning and math disability?

Basically HTML makes websites such as layouts, XML just organizes information. Thank You! The basics of frontend development. After I connect them, how will they work together? The tag will allow you to create a separate stylesheet to use with all brick houses at styles.css. Get my latest web development explanations by signing up for my newsletter: Founder of CodeAnalogies. That is the HTML.

It can display other types of data via plug-ins or extension; for example, displaying PDF documents using a PDF viewer plug-in. I teach web development a littttle differently than anyone else. This is kind of like the functionality of the building. this problem, by demanding that document authors get structure and syntax Here’s another example. The strict version of XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) was considered much more precise and predictable than HTML 4. It is made of brick and has a solid wood door. In order to reference files that are within folders at the same level, you need to start your filepath with the folder name instead of a file name. uses markup tags for formatting as well as to define structure. XML resolves write some code that repeatedly reads a value from console input into s until at last a "Y" or "y" or "N" or "n" has been entered..

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